Sellutions – The FlexPlanner

The FlexPlanner is a practical and convenient journal hybrid! Its standard features include covers that come in full-color, Prestige or Leatherette materials, a 12-month tabbed planner and 50 sheets of ruled filler. Check out our case studies below to find out how you can boost any FlexPlanner order to make it extra special.

A Lake Norman real estate group was looking for a unique gift for their homebuyers and main vendors. With the help of JournalBooks, the distributor came up with a great give-away: a Medium Full-Color FlexPlanner with our digitally printed, upgraded Designer Natural wraparound cover. The 12-month calendar had tabs for easy reference and the custom common filler featured the company’s logo on each page as a daily brand reminder. The screen-printed, natural Cinch Bag completed the heartfelt thank-you gift and allowed realtors to add their business cards, an imprinted pen, and a few sweet treats.  

Customization Tip
Maximize your client’s messaging by adding their logo to each calendar page. This reinforces brand recognition with day-after-day viewing.

A high end, home-specialty boutique wanted a gift-with-purchase item for their most faithful shoppers. In collaboration with our inside sales team and their distributor, they decided on a perfect thank-you gift: the Medium Prestige FlexPlanner. The book features a rich royal blue wraparound cover with a clear screen print pattern and Luster gold foil on the cover. A coupon was cleverly added to a gorgeous front insert page, resulting in a perfectly useful gift.

Customization Tip
Switch up the filler – chose from stock ruled, blank, graph or dot grid styles. Or design your own!

As a gift to their most loyal fans, a popular college basketball team was looking for a unique give-away item for opening night. The give-away would also be given to players and staff to use during practice. The manager and team decided on a perfect item that would satisfy all needs: the Medium Prestige FlexPlanner Wrap with upgraded basketball-textured cover material, 12-month planner, dot-grid filler (for sketching important plays and notes) and perforated bookmark with the 2020 schedule. This journal is going to be a slam-dunk item. Go team!

Customization Tip
Upgrade even further with a PenTab and Preston Pen.

sending you good vibes
-Johane Hirschfield


Combine PRINT + PROMO!

Everyone loves a custom book, but a lot of end users simply don’t have the budget to create something with all the bells and whistles, just in the name of aesthetics. Journals are one of the only mediums in the promotional products industry that offer the ability to merge budgets to create something that not only looks good but is also useful. We like to present this concept as PRINT + PROMO, which combines Print and Promo budgets to create one-of-a-kind products that also act as effective advertising and marketing tools for companies in a variety of industries. It’s one-stop shopping at its finest, so thank goodness we have our resident shopaholic and JB Business Development Expert, Ella Childe, to tell you all about it!

What is the idea behind Print and Promo?

Most companies have separate budgets for promotional items (t-shirts, magnets, journals, mugs, etc.) and print (brochures, flyers, postcards). PRINT + PROMO utilizes different customizations to show how impactful adding some of the print budget to the promotional budget can be. Unlike a notepad and a couple flyers or brochures (which are often tossed away), a journal with the same information as the brochure will be kept and used – reminding the customer of your message over and over.

An inspirational speaker was looking for a companion journal to go with his newly published book. He chose a full-color PerfectBook (PNP-7FC) with custom filler and full-color inserts utilizing influential quotes to create a useful journal for growth and memoirs.

What tools can distributors use to push this idea?

Many of our samples show easy examples of this type of customization. We can also put together free virtuals to show how this could work. The Print & Promo case study brochure has some useful ideas and examples and is available as a pdf.

How can an end-user utilize this concept?

Event schedules, convention maps, speaker bios and company or product information (anything you would offer as a flyer, brochure or handout) can be added to a journal.

An eclectic brewery wanted to provide their hand-drawn artwork to customers in the form of a small jotter with a few coloring pages in the front. These BrightNotes (PBN-650) had such a positive reception that they decided to do a second order with full-color illustrations of their brews with their recommended food pairings.

Describe 3 products that would incorporate this idea.

1. Corporate Training (any industry): SP-800CV – A ClearView with additional inserts, including schedules, maps & calendar

2. Tourism: PS-NP7FC – A PenSlip NotePad with a tear-out registration card for free hotel stay and inserts with hotel/area information

3. Medical Industry – NB-58FC – A Nova with Tri-Fold insert and ColorDirect

Be sure to keep the PRINT + PROMO concept in mind when considering how to best stretch your clients’ budgets. Journals are the perfect vehicle to include all of your print needs while spreading your message far and wide.

Contact us at for virtuals, pricing and creative ideas.

Now get out there and book ’em!
-Meghan Yani

Industry Insights: All Abroad!

Distributors sometimes have trouble visualizing potential products and communicating the ideas to their clients. With the endless options that JournalBooks offers, it can be overwhelming for customers to fully grasp what we are capable of in terms of their specific industries and needs. As usual, we are here to help!

In our new series, we will be focusing on out-of-the-box ways for your customers to best utilize our products. For each post, we will discuss a couple variations for you to reference when meeting with your clients, just to get the creative energy flowing. This month our focus is on education, specifically study abroad programs.

Every semester, thousands of students take advantage of their university’s study abroad program in the pursuit of gaining worldly perspectives. However, most students probably do not expect the experience to be as overwhelming as it is. A journal can help! Not only is journaling very therapeutic, but it can also be a great way to keep track of all their experiences throughout the months.

Forget useless trinkets and over-priced souvenirs, a student’s journal can be a record of the all the wonderful adventures they experience while abroad.

The Pocket ImageFlex features a full-color, wraparound cover.

Our journals can be completely customized to include things your clients may never have even thought of! While students may go into their travels romanticizing Tolkein’s notion that “not all who wander are lost,” it’s probably a different story when they get turned around in the middle of a foreign city with no WiFi. In this Pocket ImageFlex, we’ve included a tip-in with a fold-out map of the students’ visiting university and a run-down of the local bus routes, so schools (and parents) can rest assured the students won’t, in fact, get lost. Add a full-color pocket folder for students to add small mementos, such as museum tickets and postcards, but also list emergency contact numbers right on the folder: it’s fun, but also functional.

Journaling can be very intimidating for people who don’t consider themselves creative. Instead of excluding these students, include our rotating filler or uncommon filler. Customize the filler with writing prompts, notes of encouragement or titles to help guide an ongoing conversation. For example, in my study abroad journal, I had a few pages completely dedicated to Scottish slang. I would have completely forgotten the words had I not written them down. Wouldn’t want to sound like I have “a heid full o’ mince,” ya know?

A combo of lined and dot-grid filler would be a great option, as it is not restricting. Students can switch back and forth between writing and doodling.

Another great option is for the university to give students the books at study abroad orientation. The students can use the journal throughout their planning process. While you can include all of the elements from the journal described above, the Full-Color FlipBook SeminarPad (pictured below) flips filler halfway through, so the students could use half to plan their trip, with lists of things they want to see and do, then flip over to write about their actual experience while abroad. It can also include a vinyl zipper pocket for a more secure place to keep plane/bus tickets, money and important documents.

Full-Color FlipBook NotePad

In the center, where the book flips, an insert can be added to include a list of useful phrases and customs for that region. On the planning side, your client could also throw in a page where friends and family can write notes of encouragement and advice before the trip. When homesickness inevitably kicks in and the distance is weighing extra heavy, students can refer back to the pages and feel a little closer to home.

A 2-sided insert is placed in the middle of 100 sheets of lined filler – 50 sheets before insert, 50 sheets after (flipped).

Students participating in a study abroad program receive (and lose or throw away) a million brochures, flyers, and pamphlets. Putting valuable, pertinent information into a keepsake travel item is a great way to ensure it is effectively communicated and received, while also being appreciated and enjoyed.

Added Vinyl Zipper Pocket to secure loose items and keepsakes.

Take these virtuals to your next business meeting and get creative. Stay tuned for next month’s industry-specific blog post!

Write on.
-Devon Wilkinson

Trade Shows: We see you there, you see us there. We talk. We laugh. It’s a great time!

These shows are the best way to interact with us face-to-face and see all of our amazing customization options in action. It can be hard to visualize a lot of the potential things we can do for your clients’ products, so meeting us at a trade show is a great education tool. You can see and feel the items you’ve perused online or in our catalog and ask questions to your heart’s content!

It can take anywhere from 2 hours to a month to prepare a trade show display, depending on the size and audience of the show. We’ve got actual THOUSANDS of books in our warehouse and manage to turn them into curated displays of show-stopping items, which (never) begs the question: how do they do it?

Welcome to BEHIND SCENES AT JB! Today you’ll be learning what it takes to make a trade show go from drab to fab!

This is how we start – a blank canvas.


Everyone at JournalBooks is surrounded by books all day, every day, but no one more so than our Sample Department. As part of the Marketing team, we also take on all things Trade Show. Seeing so many finished orders on a daily basis means we are able to distinguish between what’s amazing and what’s, you know, nice.

A Keen Eye

From a Marketing standpoint, we want our displays to be fresh and diverse, showcasing the best of the best. With all of our customizations, it takes a lot of consideration to determine what that means. Trade shows are our opportunity to show our wonderful distributors and end users our full potential. We like to choose books with at least 3 custom features to maximize our display. That way, in a sea of different industries with different journal needs, we can always point you in the right direction.

Some books can be simply decorated on the outside but can pack a punch on the inside. So, be hands-on with our journals! You never know what you’ll find once you open them up.

A Tendency to Hoard

When our Samples staff sees something that wows them, you better believe we pull it. That being said, we make so many fantastic books and as much as we try to narrow down our collection, they have still managed to take over several areas of the warehouse. We’re working on it, but hear me out. While we have let our collection of trade show books grow a little bit wild, we do about 40+ shows a year and don’t want each show to be the same display over and over. That wouldn’t be fun for anyone. We want to show you variety and things you’ve never seen before. When it comes down to it, depending on show size, we need anywhere from 40-200 books per show.

A Knack for Merchandising

The aesthetic is everything. It’s easy to take a bunch of books and throw them on shelves, but doing so can end up looking like a mess. If the display is too crowded, it’s hard to tell what you’re even looking at other than…books. Our products deserve better than that! To keep the look of the display flowing, we sort our books into small groups based on color, size, feature types, etc. Then, we set it like a puzzle of which groups look good together as far as color and size transitions go. This can take a while and be frustrating because you’ll work on it for hours, step back and say ‘I hate it,’ then go back to playing with it. We always get it right in the end, though, so it’s worth the time and energy. From there, we pack it up and ship it out for our lovely Sales staff to bring it to the masses.

The next time you’re visiting JB at a trade show we hope you enjoy our labor of journal love.

Now get out there and book ’em!
-Meghan Yani

Well, Well, Wellness…We’ve Got A New Jotter!

Hello, hello! New Product Alert!

As you may have noticed, we here at JournalBooks take customization pretty seriously. And what fools would we be if we didn’t take advantage of our own capabilities?!

As part of our new Wellness Program, we created a Lifestyle Jotter tailored to our needs. Since we already have a Fitness Jotter, we decided to branch out and create a daily habit tracker! To us, Wellness reaches beyond going to the gym and eating well; it’s also about the little things we do on a daily basis to help us feel great. We started really thinking about these daily habits and how seemingly easy it is to complete them, but when we started tracking, realized how sorely we were lacking! We figured, if we have this problem, surely other people must, too. Thus, we are extending our OWN custom filler to the masses! We are so thrilled to give your clients the opportunity to help their employees or customers live a well-balanced lifestyle with our HealthJotter (HJ-570IN).

This compact book is perfect for throwing in your bag to have on you at all times. It features 70 pages of custom filler, tracking the key components of a healthy lifestyle, from water intake to practicing mindfulness. Each spread has a chart of habits with icons to fill in as it is completed throughout the day, as well as a page for meal tracking. This book includes 2 full-color inserts that can be fully customized.

We designed our full-color inserts to best fit our health initiative, and the same can be done for your client! We also offer this product without inserts (HJ-570).

We turned our program into a point tracking system, where our team can earn rewards by completing activities, with all of the details conveniently on the inserts. Don’t let your clients wait until January to kick their company wellness plans into high gear. Summer bodies are made in winter months and there’s never a bad time to do something good for yourself. Health creates happiness, which also promotes productivity. It’s a win all around!

Now get out there and book ’em!
-Meghan Yani

Sellutions – The StenoPad ImageBook

The StenoPad ImageBook (STIB-770) is a 5×7 journal that offers a lot of opportunities to combine PRINT + PROMOTION! Combining printed collateral in a promotion is the perfect way to increase distributor opportunities. Check out the case studies below for ideas to stretch any advertising budget.

A top-ten energy company in the U.S. needed a journal for their human resource training team for new hires. New hires would receive a journal to take notes during their initial 30-day training period. The company wanted a journal with eco-friendly features, so our creative staff at JournalBooks suggested the 100% PCW front and back cover, upgraded EcoFiller lined paper, and the recyclable pewter wire to bind the book. We enhanced the aesthetic of the cover using our full-color imprinting, featuring the company’s logo colors. We added an Orange Stretch pen screen printed with the company’s logo that attaches to the book with elastic, for writing accessibility. By adding tip-ins featuring useful information, including a brief welcome, a map, company holidays, and pay dates, the book turned out to be an environmentally-friendly journal that proved to be a useful, new-hire tool to refer back to again and again.

Customization Tip
We can print your client’s full-color cover on our Shimmer Ice Designer Paper to give it that special touch. The Stretch Pen is also the perfect companion to the StenoPad ImageBook.

A large, in-state university wanted to kick off the beginning of the school year and football season with a journal introducing incoming freshmen to their beloved mascot, Wolfy. The final design included a full-color cover with an emphasis on Wolfy and the upcoming season. They opted for a dot grid filler that students could utilize in a variety of ways, including jotting down plays, scores and freestyle pictures. They added a tip-in with the team schedule and a stretch pen with black elastic. As a nice bonus, they included a surprise tear-away card insert at the front of the journal for a 20% on-campus store discount. The journals were a big hit with students requesting they be a permanent staple in their on-campus stores.

Customization Tip
Laminate the full-color cover to a paperboard that matches the back cover, or add a full-color tear-away business card insert to maximize your client’s messaging.

A hospital wanted to present its patients and staff with a journal and pen gift set to introduce them to their new mental health initiative at the Leeman Behavioral Center. This journal set would be used by nurses to jot down patient requests, or by patients as a tool to pass the time. Where a lot of journals in the medical field are very simple and feature the hospital logo, they wanted to switch it up with a fun cover design that would feel less sterile and more inspiring to patients. The full-color cover was a great way to accomplish this. Accompanied by full-color inserts, including information both the hospital and its new mental health program, these journals were a hit! The journals were so popular the hospital came back with a new order for their physician assistants.

Customization Tip
We can create a lasting impact for your client by repeating their message, trademark, or logo on the filler pages. With the Custom Common Filler option, you can have your own mark printed on every page to create a truly custom effect

Introducing Your JournalBloggers

We’ve come to the realization that we’re doing a lot of talking on this blog and our readers have no idea who’s doing it. For the past 6 months, our blog has been written solely by me, Meghan! Hi! Hello! Nice running into you again! In the next few months, you may notice a change in our blog posts. This is only natural now that we have 3 writers! That’s right, in the next few posts, you’ll be virtually getting to know our two newest team members, Devon and Johane, as well as myself. The point of this blog is to not only inform, but to connect. We want you to get to know our fantastic staff. While we all represent JournalBooks with a common goal, we have different interests and ideas for your clients and would love to share them! We are looking forward to expanding the blog to include a little bit of everything for you, from getting to know our staff to JB History and tips on helping your clients expand their budgets and blow their customers minds with unique customizations available only from JournalBooks.

Buckle up, buckeroos! You’re in for a wild time!

If you were a JournalBook, what would you be?
I would be a 4×6 set of Full-Color Traveler Notes Tripac, with complicated variable data. Each book would have a different Full-Color image of my dog, as well as different filler: blank, lined and dot grid, to represent the variety of roles here at JB and in life. They would all be bound with the same classic black thread, because I am consistently myself. It would include a full-color graphic wrap to keep me from falling all over the place, then be packaged in a full-color mailer so I can travel anytime I want.

If you had celebrities for parents, who would they be?
Elton John and Bette Midler

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?
The Moon Landing…I have questions.

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?
Remind Me To Take My Makeup Off

What’s your favorite family tradition?
My family has a very, um, special way of singing “Happy Birthday”. Much like the Hogwarts School Song, it is sung to whatever tune you please. People look at us like we’re deranged, but I love it.

If you were a JournalBook, what would you be?
Seeing as I am an avid traveler, it’s only fitting that I would be our 5 X 7 TravelTips Journal (TR-770C). I would have Deep Red Paperboard covers, because although I’m a tough cookie, I also have a deep passion for culture and adventure. My cover would include an oversized deboss with a bleed and feature well-known international monuments. It would be bound with black wire to complement the cover and let everyone know that I mean business. Along with the Travel Log filler, where I could preserve memories all of the amazing thing’s I experience, the inside would include full-color tip-ins. These would feature travel tips and a list of US Embassies of the world with contact information. It would also include a custom fold-out, full-color tip-in with a world map for keeping track of where I’ve been and where I’m going. I need a pen at all times, so I’d include a silver Annabelle pen, stylish and edgy, to write down important words in different languages. You never know when you’re going to need to say “Where is the toilet?!” in Hungarian! To polish this masterpiece off, I wrap my journal in a cute, gray cinch bag so I don’t have to rummage through my purse to find it at a moment’s notice. 

What are you passionate about?
Triathlons. I love training for them. Exercising and being outdoors keeps me sane. I do lots of other sports, but swimming, biking, running are my three favorite sports.

Best vacation you’ve taken?
My husband and I love to travel, so I’ve been on some pretty cool vacations. But, my favorite has to be Australia. We visited Sydney and Melbourne and hiked, rappelled and canyoneered the Three Sisters Mountain range. It was the hardest and scariest thing I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding.

How do you define success?
Success is a life doing what I enjoy in and outside of work with grace, positivity and determination.

If you were a JournalBook, what would you be?
I would be a 5.5 x 8.5 Navy Nu Milano PerfectBook that is obliviously well-loved. My cover is debossed with a paper boat to mirror the tattoo on my ankle. It is classic and simple on the outside, but on the inside, there is no denying I am uniquely, me! Inside my cover, I have a tear-away card insert, where I keep my business card for my art website. For a filler, I would be half dot-grid to satisfy my love for writing and half blank pages to be filled up with my doodles. In a pocket folder at that back of my book are pressed wild flowers, concert tickets and dozens of post-it notes. Because even though there are endless pages in my journal, I always have something extra to add. Finally, a red elastic band keeps everything tightly secure between my pages and is a sneak-peak of the fire within.

Before working at JournalBooks, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
I was a Paddleboard Instructor at Culver Military Academy. Instructor was my title, but I like to think of myself as a big sister/friend to every kid I taught!

Describe what you were like at age 10
10-year-old me was obsessed with animals! I became a vegetarian when I was 9, so by the time I was 10 I was fully dedicated.

What is the best book you’ve ever read?
“How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

Do you journal? If so, how do you utilize your journal best?
Yes! I love journaling when I travel. I lived in Scotland for 5 months and I would use my morning commute to write. My favorite part of my day was sitting on top of the double decker bus while I drew street signs and the people passing by.