JB Employee Spotlight: Cindy


Official Title: Bindery Specialist  |  Years on the Job: 37 or 38

What do you do at JournalBooks?
Check all jobs for quality. Do actuals (pre-production samples) and spec samples. Answer questions from art department and customer service, if needed. I also help with questions from the bindery when they need help.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
I get to work with many departments in the plant and in the office.

What is your best advice for overcoming obstacles?
Try your best not to give up.

What has been your proudest moment?
Not really a moment, but I am proud of the years I have been here. I get respect from the girls (and I guess the guys too) because of the time I have been here, and what I have learned in that time.

What are your hobbies/interests?
My dog Jasmine is my favorite interest. I also enjoy going to cruise-ins in our ’40 Chevy and riding on our Harley.

What’s one of your favorite places to go in North Carolina?
Chimney Rock

Guilty pleasure?
Vanilla ice cream cones


4 Colorful Ways to Boost a Casebound Journal

“Color embraces you. It wakes you up and keeps you present.”
— Tracy Reese, fashion designer

There’s so much to love about the convenience and versatility of a casebound journal. But what if we’re only skimming the surface of its possibilities with a standard blind deboss? Think of it as a blank canvas. A debossed company’s logo can be powerful on its own, and sometimes, that’s all you need. But when a promotional campaign calls for a more complex message, a full-color add-on invites a user into a deeper, more meaningful conversation. That kind of messaging can leave a lasting impression.

Using our lovely, new Bohemian Textured as an example, here are 4 colorful (and easy) ways you can boost the message on any casebound journal:

BJT-880The blind deboss, texture, and rich blue hue stand on their own to make a strong impact.
Shown above: BJT-880 (5 x 8.5)

BJT-880CVA full-color adhesive graphic is the perfect vehicle for a nuanced statement.
Shown above: BJT-880CV (5 x 8.5)


A full-color tip-in works beautifully for large images and pages with a lot of information or content.

Shown above: BJT-880FC (5 x 8.5)

step4 Variable Data Printing allows for easy, custom personalizations on any full-color add-on’s.
Shown above: BJT-880FC (5 x 8.5) with Variable Data Printing

BJT-880GWFull-Color GraphicWraps have a more retail quality and feel more like a gift than a giveaway.
Shown above: BJT-880GW (5 x 8.5)

Visit the Casebound section on our website to browse our full collection of casebound journals, all of which can be boosted with full-color!

24-hour SureShip® is not available on casebound journals with full-color add-on’s.

The Showdown: Vector vs. Raster

It’s down to the wire now. You finally placed your first (or fifth) order with us, and you can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor! But there’s a problem. One of our graphic artists informs you that the logo your client sent is a raster image, and they really need a vector image for production. But what exactly does “vector” mean, or “raster” for that matter?

This situation probably sounds familiar to you, but don’t worry. We’ve got some answers! In this article, we’re going to cover the key differences between vector and raster images, as well as their uses in the production of our journals!

What is a vector image?

A vector image is made up of various points, paths (lines), and/or curves, all of which are rendered mathematically. This is what allows us to scale vector images up or down in size without reducing quality, which makes them ideal for logos and fonts. Check out the vector image example below:

This is how a vector-based program, such as Adobe Illustrator, displays a vector image with and without its points.
This is how a vector-based editing program, such as Adobe Illustrator, displays a vector image with and without its points.

Vector image, zoomed in. Notice how the details remain crisp!
Vector image, zoomed in. Notice how the details remain crisp?

In general, when should my artwork be vector?

  • When foil stamping or debossing any artwork (including logos and text) onto a cover
  • When screen printing any artwork onto a cover
  • When imprinting any artwork onto a pen
  • When embossing any artwork onto an Alloy cover

We accept vector files created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai / .eps), InDesign (.indd), or Acrobat (.pdf)

What is a raster image?

A raster image is made up of a finite number of tiny squares of color, commonly known as pixels. Raster images allow for rich detail, so the most common type of raster image you’ll encounter is a photograph.

JB Art Tip: We require a resolution of at least 300 ppi / dpi (sized to fit the product) to keep your art as crisp and detailed as possible when printed. Resolution is a fixed value, which is why it’s important that the artwork is sized to fit the correct journal!

The quality of a raster image is measured by its resolution in pixels per inch (ppi, for screen) or dots per inch (dpi, for print). The higher the resolution, the more detail packed into that 1″ area. This is why raster images at a lower resolution (such as web images) begin to look blurry when enlarged! Check out the raster image example below:

Raster image, zoomed in. Notice the blurriness and all the tiny pixels!
Raster image, zoomed in. Notice the blurriness and all the tiny pixels?

In general, when should my artwork be raster?

  • When printing photographic images in full-color on any of our full-color products, including tip-in’s, inserts or GraphicWraps

We accept raster files created in Adobe Photoshop (.psd / .tiff / .jpg) or Acrobat (.pdf)

If you still have questions about any of the information above, leave a comment below!

Sellutions | Flex PerfectBooks

Flex PerfectBooks come in a variety of cover options and allow for easy customization. We even have 12 ValueLine PerfectBooks that are available for 24-hour SureShip® service!


When customers purchase vacation timeshares with this upscale hotel, they receive a
TechnoMetallic PerfectBook with a “Perks” card inside the business card sleeve. Custom-printed filler provides ample writing space for jotting down memories while on their travels.pnp-7ltn The high-end covers and satin ribbon bookmark make the finished book a truly valuable keepsake.

Customization Tip
Add folders and pockets for convenient storage, organization, or even an additional gift.

Product Shown
5 x 7 TechnoMetallic Flex PerfectBook

Shown with: Flexible Lt. Blue TechnoMetallic Cover w/Die-Cut Window and Blind Deboss w/Bleed

psp-8fcFood & Beverage

Looking for an impressive gift for guests at the grand opening of a new distillery, this company settled on an ImageFlex PerfectBook. They were able to design a stunning journal and add inserts printed with cocktail recipes, while staying within their budget and ordering a relatively low quantity.

Customization Tip
Full-color inserts are a fast and easy addition that allows you to tell your story.

Product Shown
5.5 x 8.5 ImageFlex PerfectBook

Shown with: Full-Color Outside Cover


Running short on time, a digital marketing firm decided to supply a notebook for an upcoming conference. Wanting to showcase the conference’s full-color artwork, the pvc-150ValueColor was the perfect solution. They were able to print the entire outside cover with their eye-catching design and have the books shipped out the next business day for fast delivery.

Customization Tip
Consider printing several different versions in one order. You get the benefit of quantity discounts and can be prepared for several events or projects.

Product Shown
7 x 10 ValueColor PerfectBook

Shown with: Full-Color Outside Cover

Fun Friday Cookout

“Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage.”
— Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace

While you’re settling back in this Monday, here’s a lighter post with some photos we took on our 10th Fun Friday last week! Thanks to the hard work of some dedicated JournalBooks employees, we celebrated the start of May with a classic cookout — complete with burgers, hotdogs, homemade strawberry shortcake, and plenty of laughing. (We also snuck in a birthday celebration for our fearless leader, Tim with a candle-lit shortcake and custom-printed card.) Happy Monday, everyone!