Sellutions | Planning Ahead

2016 is on the horizon (we can’t believe it either…), so it’s time to start planning ahead. Remember, calendars don’t have to be boring! Be sure to check out our Timeplanner section for all your calendar possibilities. Here are some unique, industry-specific ideas to help you get started!


This historic college needed an attractive giveaway that appeals to potential students.
TheWall Monthly calendar was the perfect choice, traditional and useful. To showcase their growing visual arts program, they submitted photographs taken by faculty and Wall Monthlystudents around the campus to be used as custom images in these dorm-sized Wall Monthly calendars.

Customization Tip
Provide your own custom-designed calendar layout to perfectly complement the brand.

Product Shown
3.75 x 9 Wall Monthly

Shown with: Full Color Cover and Calendar Pages with Custom Supplied Images


A locally-owned restaurant wanted to sell a practical gift at the front register for the holidays. To entice regular customers, they customized the calendar pages with a different coupon each month of the year, and branded the pages with a ShadowPrint. These calendars proved to ClearView Analystbe successful by bringing in new customers and keeping regulars happy with special offers each month!

Customization Tip
Add multiple insert pages with company’s story for a more intimate giveaway.

Product Shown
8.5 x 11 ClearView Analyst

Shown with: Full Color, 1-sided Insert and Custom Overprinting and Date Blocks


A major art museum needed a gift shop item that would keep the museum top-of-mind for visitors. The Bohemian Textured journal was a beautiful addition, and with the calendar at the front, the book became a part of the visitor’s Bohemian Textured w/Calendarevery day routine. Inspired by the latest exhibit, the GraphicWrap art hints at what’s current in the museum.

Customization Tip
Add a GraphicWrap with SmartPicx hotspot to direct customers to new web content.

Product Shown
5 x 8.5 Bohemian Textured w/Calendar

Shown with: Blind Deboss Imprint, 12-month Calendar at front, and Full-Color GraphicWrap


JB Employee Spotlight: Seng


Official Title: Order Coordinator  |  Years on the Job: 7

What do you do at JournalBooks?
I’m an order coordinator. I process orders for production, ship orders, answer calls/email pertaining to orders.

What is your best memory at JournalBooks?
There are so many great memories, but I would have to say our Christmas luncheon. That’s when we all come together as a group to enjoy each other’s company.

Favorite JournalBooks cover material?
My favorite cover material would have to be one of the Shimmers.

What is the hardest part about your job?
Being 100% error free!

Visalia, California 

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you cast for the most important role of you?
One of my two sisters. They are the only ones that know me best!

I’m happiest when…
I’m with my family! They make me forget what stress is about for the moment!