Sellutions | Personalized Gifts

There’s a lot you can do to make your end-of-year gifts more special. Check our Boost a Book section for all our custom options! Consider one of the ideas below, or talk to our Creative Sales Team for a one-of-a-kind journal.


Variable Data Printing

This annual conference needed a personalized giveaway for its attendees to welcome them to the event. Because of high early registration, they settled on a cost effective Medium nb-100cv-webClearView NoteBook with PenPort and DeluxePen, which allowed for multiple inserts with vibrant full-color artwork, as well as Variable Data personalization.

Customization Tip
Add a Variable Data photo (Text & Image option) of each attendee to personalize even more.

Product Shown
7 x 10 Medium ClearView NoteBook and Variable Data Printing

Shown with: Full-Color Insert with Variable Data, printed on front and back, PenPort Back Cover and Smoke Deluxe Pen

Home Builders

Personalizations and Variable Data Printing

A custom home builder launched an ad campaign to entice young professionals into buying their first home. To strike a chord with potential customers, they paired intimate photos with personalized messaging. Personalization on the cover and Variable Data on the first page achieved just the result they were looking for.bjt-880fc-web

Customization Tip
Combine Personalizations and Variable Data for maximum personalization.

Product Shown
5 x 8.5 Bohemian Textured w/Tip-In with Variable Data Printing and Personalizations

Shown with: Blind Deboss, Personalizations, GraphicWrap, Full-Color Insert with (Image & Text) Variable Data



A growing community bank wanted to thank its new customers with a thoughtful giveaway. They chose a sleek ImageFlex Square NoteBookto show off the beautiful landscape in which psq-7fc-webthey are headquartered. Additionally, they wanted to engage their customers using SmartPicx, so users could easily access online banking on their new, mobile-friendly website with the scan of a smart phone.

Customization Tip
Add the logo to each filler page (Custom Common Filler) for more advertising.

Product Shown
7 x 7 ImageFlex Square NoteBook with SmartPicx

Shown with: Custom Full-Color Outer Cover with SmartPicx, Printed Inside Front, Full-Color Insert

JB Employee Spotlight: Maria


Official Title: Creative Sales Lead  |  Years on the Job: 2.5

What do you do at JournalBooks?
I am the Creative Sales Lead. I guide our team with the creation of virtual concepts, while managing pricing to make sure that our clients are given the best options available within their budgets and guidelines.

What is your favorite JournalBooks product to promote, and why?
I love our TucNotes; the size, mobility, and our full-color printing on this item makes this a small but chic little booklet that anyone can carry around. The filler pages are perforated inside so it is very useful for taking quick notes or lists. Because this product is so small, it can fit into a shirt pocket or even inside a small pocket inside a purse, making it easy to travel with. You can even add our Smartpicx to the full-color TucNotes. I believe this is a great conversation piece for anyone who may see this product.

What is the most challenging part about your job, and how do you overcome it?
Getting customers on board for a really unique, custom project. I try to come up with creative ways to keep them in their budget, so the client can still have something really special. If you can do it, why not throw in a full-color tip-in page or a full-color GraphicWrap? I want the client’s imagination to flow when creating their custom journal.

What is something most people would be surprised to learn about you?
I’m actually really outgoing and funny. Apparently, when people first meet me they think I’m reserved and quiet. I’m surprised most people think that about me!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Oh, tough question…probably horseradish cheese. So gross. Don’t ever try it!

What is the last movie you watched?
Last movie I watched was Pan. I just saw it this past weekend and it was awesome. I highly recommend it!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I really wanted to be a veterinarian. But then I grew into loving biology so I wanted to incorporate that into animals, so then I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. But I also had a passion for cooking as well. So then I wanted to be a chef, and I actually took 3 years of culinary classes. But then I ended up sticking with what I love most, which is art. 🙂