Work Smarter, Not Harder…with SmartPicx!

Allow us to reintroduce our SmartPicx Boost!

What is SmartPicx?

SmartPicx is a digitally printed image embedded with a hotspot that can be scanned using smartphones or tablets for immediate access to specified web pages. SmartPicx can be added to any of our ImageBooks, as well as any full-color boost added to our calendars and Perfect or WireBound journals. It’s extremely versatile in that it will link to any website of the end user’s choice. This allows for quick access to web content that may not fit into a journal by simply scanning a hotspot. By linking directly to a webpage, it makes website navigation easier, taking users to information directly pertaining to the topic they need.

How can end users use SmartPicx?

The concept of linking to a website opens a lot of doors, so we got to thinking: what are some specific ways to utilize SmartPicx? While it can be used in any industry, we decided to focus on just one to demonstrate creative ways to incorporate this feature into several products. Keep reading to see how a hospital could use SmartPicx, whether handing out their journals to patients, nurses or trainees.

South Pacific Access Health Hospital is opening a new cardiovascular wing, which requires training a new office staff. They will be implementing new procedures that even veterans of the industry may not be familiar with. To assist in this process, they have decided to create a training journal with information their trainees will find helpful in learning their new role. They have decided to go with our always popular ImageBook SeminarPad – or SPIB-84, with an added SmartPicx hotspot on the cover.

By scanning this hotspot, trainees will be taken to a landing page for the new wing, which has general information about the hospital, including its location, contact information and which insurance providers are accepted. The book is divided by four tab inserts for different aspects of training, each with their own SmartPicx hotspot. For example, the first tab insert links to a page that covers cardiovascular conditions, along with what treatments and which medical providers are available to treat patients for each condition. The remaining tabs link to training pages for handling patient paperwork, check in and check out procedures and schedules for nurses and doctors in the wing. Trainees can keep the journals on them to take notes about each category and use as a go-to resource for pertinent information, even beyond training.

While the hospital has an app where patients can view their charts from appointments, they wanted to create a tool for patients to bring with them to take notes or to write down any questions they may have during their visit. The ClearView JotterPad – JP-600CVO – is perfectly portable, allowing patients to have it on hand for their appointment. The first insert page has a SmartPicx® link that will take patients to the patient chart hub, so they can have their personal notes and charts easily accessible. This book also features a custom filler with a list layout for patient questions and doctor answers, as well as a section for any medication notes or important information the patient needs to remember. The other half of the book is lined filler for patients to use as journal for tracking symptoms and reflect on their experiences with their conditions.  

All in all, SmartPicx is a great way to merge technology and analog systems. Journals with this boost make information easily accessible, while still having the benefits of taking handwritten notes. It’s a win win! Call our Sales Team and get your next project started!

Sellutions – Holiday Packaging

Journals are perfect accompaniments to any organization during the holidays. They’re perfect for trade shows, gifts to employees, themed events and more. What’s the easiest way to amp up any gift? Packaging! Wrap your favorite perfect-bound journals in a GraphicWrap for an instant custom TriPac, or package any notebook in a glassine, 2-piece gift box or cinch bag for the ultimate holiday gift set. Take a look at the case studies below to see how we’ve incorporated different packaging options.

Chilcott, a Lake Tahoe bed and breakfast, wanted to add a festive holiday keepsake to their gift shop. With the assistance of our inside sales team, the custom sparkly Luster TriPac was created as a great memento for those staying during the holiday season. This custom Luster TriPac includes three 5” x 7” PerfectBooks with flexible, wraparound paper covers in Rose Gold, Gold and Silver. Adding “Happy Holidays” in matching luster foils and a holiday-themed GraphicWrap set the tone for the cheerful season. To make it extra special, the notebooks sat nestled in a silver foil-imprinted gray Cinch Bag completing the holiday gift set. 

Customization Tip
Switch up the filler by adding custom quotes to the filler pages.

Owners of an online outdoor and lifestyle retailer Spruce wanted to have an item that would pair well with its “Connect with Nature for Mind and Body” holiday gift theme. Paired with a few of their most popular apparel and camping items, they chose the beautiful blue and gray plaid StenoPad Imagebook (STIB-770). The journal came in a glassine envelope which kept the journal looking crisp and new during shipment to customers. This gift was the perfect pairing to the brand’s aesthetic of functionality and outdoor style. 

Customization Tip
Maximize your client’s messaging by adding a matching Stretch Pen with an imprint.

The owner of a popular techno bar in Miami wanted a fun and trendy gift for her employees. Her distributor spoke with our inside sales team and came up with a journal that definitely fit the techno vibe: the Holographic Rainbow Journal (NP-7DHR). The iridescent glow of the cover and the foil imprint aligned perfectly with the club’s atmosphere and was exactly what the owner had in mind. She added a 2020 calendar and 100 sheets of ruled paper for bar events and notes. A splash of pink neon color on the elastic privacy closure made the entire journal pop. Wrapped in an accompanying gift box with matching blue foil on the cover and onyx tissue paper gave the employee gift an extra fabulous touch. 

Customization Tip
Upgrade even further by adding a loose thank-you card.

sending you good vibes
-Johane Hirschfield

Industry Insights: Non-Profit, Non-Problem!

We’re back with another Industry Insights! This time, we will be focusing on interesting ways to customize journals for the non-profit industry.

Over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the world contribute over $900 billion to the US economy alone. The six most common categories of nonprofits are: art and culture, educational, environmental, health services, religious groups, and international non-governmental groups. This community works together to create a better future by improving living conditions, restoring the environment, strengthening society engagement and beyond. This equates to a lot of community outreach, event planning, volunteerism, and more opportunities, and a huge opportunity to market to the industry.

When working as a distributor to this diverse industry, it may be hard to narrow down how each individual sector may be able to utilize different products, especially journals. We have focused on a few different options that could work in any of these arenas so you have some great suggestions for your clients.

Volunteerism is a cornerstone of the non-profit industry. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, over 30% of adults in the US volunteered through an organization in 2018 alone! This number has been on a steady rise in recent years, showing that more and more people are getting out to make a difference. While this number is amazing, managing that many people from a logistical level could be a nightmare. That’s a lot of people to train! One way organizations help manage this is with Volunteer Orientation Handbooks. Rather than waste a budget on a million handouts that can be lost or damaged, why not put them all in one nice binder?

While the needs of each non-profit will vary, we’ve got you off to a great start with this Medium Resource Binder. This binder features tip-ins with information including a Welcome Letter from the organization, the mission statement, a list of staff with contact information, a list of programs and campaigns, and volunteer guidelines. The informational pages help volunteers get more acquainted with the company and adding a fold-out map helps them get acquainted with the facilities! By including filler with workbook training pages, this binder becomes the ultimate educational tool. Thanks to an elastic closure, volunteers will be able to keep everything in one place, allowing them to refresh and build on their knowledge as they go.

With the population of adults volunteering expanding, we can’t forget about the kids! The CreativeSpark Journal is perfect for getting kids interested in volunteer work. Alternating uncommon filler and coloring pages featuring aspects of the organization’s mission will help kids become engaged and excited about the opportunity to help.

Another huge aspect to keeping a non-profit in business and contributing to their mission is fundraising efforts, which often means hosting galas and events. To us here at JournalBooks, this means another opportunity to ditch the brochures and put that budget towards a higher quality product! A WindowPad SeminarPad is a perfect way to feature the organizations logo in a handheld book, also making it a great thank you to donors. Similar to the volunteer binder, this product can include tip-ins with organization information, but also include the event schedule, and speaker biographies. We’ve also added a business card sleeve and paper pocket folder for any networking materials they collect.

These products only scratch the surface on the possibilities for this thriving industry. We hope we gave you some good ideas to get your clients thinking. Be sure to contact your sales rep to get the jobs moving!

Now get out there and book ’em!
-Meghan Yani

Sellutions – The FlexPlanner

The FlexPlanner is a practical and convenient journal hybrid! Its standard features include covers that come in full-color, Prestige or Leatherette materials, a 12-month tabbed planner and 50 sheets of ruled filler. Check out our case studies below to find out how you can boost any FlexPlanner order to make it extra special.

A Lake Norman real estate group was looking for a unique gift for their homebuyers and main vendors. With the help of JournalBooks, the distributor came up with a great give-away: a Medium Full-Color FlexPlanner with our digitally printed, upgraded Designer Natural wraparound cover. The 12-month calendar had tabs for easy reference and the custom common filler featured the company’s logo on each page as a daily brand reminder. The screen-printed, natural Cinch Bag completed the heartfelt thank-you gift and allowed realtors to add their business cards, an imprinted pen, and a few sweet treats.  

Customization Tip
Maximize your client’s messaging by adding their logo to each calendar page. This reinforces brand recognition with day-after-day viewing.

A high end, home-specialty boutique wanted a gift-with-purchase item for their most faithful shoppers. In collaboration with our inside sales team and their distributor, they decided on a perfect thank-you gift: the Medium Prestige FlexPlanner. The book features a rich royal blue wraparound cover with a clear screen print pattern and Luster gold foil on the cover. A coupon was cleverly added to a gorgeous front insert page, resulting in a perfectly useful gift.

Customization Tip
Switch up the filler – chose from stock ruled, blank, graph or dot grid styles. Or design your own!

As a gift to their most loyal fans, a popular college basketball team was looking for a unique give-away item for opening night. The give-away would also be given to players and staff to use during practice. The manager and team decided on a perfect item that would satisfy all needs: the Medium Prestige FlexPlanner Wrap with upgraded basketball-textured cover material, 12-month planner, dot-grid filler (for sketching important plays and notes) and perforated bookmark with the 2020 schedule. This journal is going to be a slam-dunk item. Go team!

Customization Tip
Upgrade even further with a PenTab and Preston Pen.

sending you good vibes
-Johane Hirschfield

Industry Insights: All Abroad!

Distributors sometimes have trouble visualizing potential products and communicating the ideas to their clients. With the endless options that JournalBooks offers, it can be overwhelming for customers to fully grasp what we are capable of in terms of their specific industries and needs. As usual, we are here to help!

In our new series, we will be focusing on out-of-the-box ways for your customers to best utilize our products. For each post, we will discuss a couple variations for you to reference when meeting with your clients, just to get the creative energy flowing. This month our focus is on education, specifically study abroad programs.

Every semester, thousands of students take advantage of their university’s study abroad program in the pursuit of gaining worldly perspectives. However, most students probably do not expect the experience to be as overwhelming as it is. A journal can help! Not only is journaling very therapeutic, but it can also be a great way to keep track of all their experiences throughout the months.

Forget useless trinkets and over-priced souvenirs, a student’s journal can be a record of the all the wonderful adventures they experience while abroad.

The Pocket ImageFlex features a full-color, wraparound cover.

Our journals can be completely customized to include things your clients may never have even thought of! While students may go into their travels romanticizing Tolkein’s notion that “not all who wander are lost,” it’s probably a different story when they get turned around in the middle of a foreign city with no WiFi. In this Pocket ImageFlex, we’ve included a tip-in with a fold-out map of the students’ visiting university and a run-down of the local bus routes, so schools (and parents) can rest assured the students won’t, in fact, get lost. Add a full-color pocket folder for students to add small mementos, such as museum tickets and postcards, but also list emergency contact numbers right on the folder: it’s fun, but also functional.

Journaling can be very intimidating for people who don’t consider themselves creative. Instead of excluding these students, include our rotating filler or uncommon filler. Customize the filler with writing prompts, notes of encouragement or titles to help guide an ongoing conversation. For example, in my study abroad journal, I had a few pages completely dedicated to Scottish slang. I would have completely forgotten the words had I not written them down. Wouldn’t want to sound like I have “a heid full o’ mince,” ya know?

A combo of lined and dot-grid filler would be a great option, as it is not restricting. Students can switch back and forth between writing and doodling.

Another great option is for the university to give students the books at study abroad orientation. The students can use the journal throughout their planning process. While you can include all of the elements from the journal described above, the Full-Color FlipBook SeminarPad (pictured below) flips filler halfway through, so the students could use half to plan their trip, with lists of things they want to see and do, then flip over to write about their actual experience while abroad. It can also include a vinyl zipper pocket for a more secure place to keep plane/bus tickets, money and important documents.

Full-Color FlipBook NotePad

In the center, where the book flips, an insert can be added to include a list of useful phrases and customs for that region. On the planning side, your client could also throw in a page where friends and family can write notes of encouragement and advice before the trip. When homesickness inevitably kicks in and the distance is weighing extra heavy, students can refer back to the pages and feel a little closer to home.

A 2-sided insert is placed in the middle of 100 sheets of lined filler – 50 sheets before insert, 50 sheets after (flipped).

Students participating in a study abroad program receive (and lose or throw away) a million brochures, flyers, and pamphlets. Putting valuable, pertinent information into a keepsake travel item is a great way to ensure it is effectively communicated and received, while also being appreciated and enjoyed.

Added Vinyl Zipper Pocket to secure loose items and keepsakes.

Take these virtuals to your next business meeting and get creative. Stay tuned for next month’s industry-specific blog post!

Write on.
-Devon Wilkinson