Sellutions – The Analyst

Can you believe it? It’s already the end of November! With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to get planning. One of our favorite ways to prepare for the upcoming year is with the Analyst. 

The Analyst

Created for a design agency, this planner was the perfect solution for combing a calendar of events with a functional planner. Each page features tabbed calendar spreads about events throughout the year. The information will remain at the client’s fingertips, reminding them of upcoming events, dates, and locations. A Gloss Metallic white font cover with ColorDirect imprint and 15 blank memo sheets added for the convenience of on-the-go note taking.

Customization Tip
Include additional custom inserts with schedules, event maps, sponsor information, etc, and a penport and pen. Don’t forget the custom imprint on your calendar!

Options are plentiful when it comes to the Analyst! Switch up your covers with a Natural Poly Front Cover (1-sided, full-color insert included), or a Leatherette Cover that comes in 5 different colors. 

Product Shown
8.5″ x 11″ HardCover Analyst

Comes with: Cover Series 1 (Classic) chipboard front and back covers; Analyst monthly stock calendar w/die cut tabs; 15 sheet blank memo section at back; Wire binding; 1-color foil or deboss imprint up to 16″ sq.


Sellutions | Back to School

It’s time to start looking for back-to-school gifts and giveaways! This month, we’re showcasing some of our favorite journals and planners for collegiate audiences.


ImageFlex Medium NoteBook

A visual arts college needed a new product to sell in their on-campus bookstore. They chose the ImageFlex Med. NoteBook with custom rounded corners and stock multifunctional filler for notetaking. Their marketing team sent their own composition-style cover art to make it a visually enticing purchase.

Customization Tip
Add a full-color insert page for more information or branding

Product Shown
7 x 10 ImageFlex Medium NoteBook

Comes with: Flexible, wraparound paper covers, printed in full-color; 100 sheets of stock lined/graph/blank filler; Perfect-bound spine


ValueColor TriPac

To prepare for their upcoming freshman orientation, a university purchased ValueColor TriPacs for new students. Each book in the set featured one of the school’s colors, making them spirited writing companions for orientation.

Customization Tip
Submit up to 3 designs for each book in the set

Product Shown
5 x 7 ValueColor TriPac

Each set comes with: Up to 3 different versions of custom full-color covers, rounded corners, and enclosed in a full-color GraphicWrap


Academic TabbedQuarterly PageSaver

A prestigious university wanted to include a unique academic planner in their
welcome packet. The TabbedQuarterly PageSaver proved to be a successful giveaway, allowing students to plan the year ahead with handy bookmarks and calendar.

Customization Tip
Add Variable Data to the full-color insert for a personalized touch

Product Shown
7 x 10 Academic TabbedQuarterly PageSaver

Comes with: Natural Poly Front Cover; 1-sided full-color insert as first page, with 4 tear-off PageSaver tabs; 4 banks of (3) die-cut tabs on 100# matte stock in front (1 bank per quarter); 70 sheets of Academic stock class assignment filler; Wire binding

Sellutions | Cheers to Summertime

Summer’s so close, we can almost taste it! This month, we’re showcasing our versatile line of TasterJournals, handy tools for recording the delectable details of your favorite wine or beer. Check out some creative ideas below…


WindowPad WineTaster

A popular winery used the WindowPad WineTaster as an incentive for special memberships. Includes stock inserts full of information for the aspiring sommelier, as well as 50 sheets of tasting log filler.

Customization Tip
Upgrade your cover material for a more luxurious look and feel

Product Shown
5 x 7 WindowPad WineTaster

Shown with: Brushed Silver Metallic paperboard front cover (Upgrade to Series 3); Custom die-cut window and 2-color foil imprint; Full-color 1-sided insert; Predesigned black & white inserts for WineTaster; 50 sheets of wine-tasting log filler; Silver wire


Classic LagerLogger

A new brewery gave away a custom LagerLogger at their grand opening. Includes a full-color stock insert, stock black & white inserts with beer facts and tasting information, as well as 50 sheets of tasting log filler.

Customization Tip
Upgrade to a custom full-color front cover, like the one shown here

Product Shown
5 x 7 Classic LagerLogger

Shown with: Full-color (ImageBook-style, optional upgrade) front cover; Full-color, predesigned LagerLogger insert; Predesigned black & white inserts for LagerLogger; 50 sheets of beer-tasting log filler; White wire


Wine/Lager LifestyleJotter

Perfect-bound LifestyleJotters are available in wine-tasting, beer-tasting, fitness, and sketch themes. Includes 100 sheets of tasting log filler. The perfect giveaway for large, outdoor summer events like concerts or festivals.

Customization Tip
Add a company logo to the filler pages for extra exposure

Products Shown
5 x 3.5 Wine LifestyleJotter and 5 x 3.5 Lager LifestyleJotter

Each comes with: Natural, flexible paper covers; 1-color foil imprint; 100 sheets of beer or wine tasting log filler; Perfect-bound spine


WineJotter & LagerJotter

A mini version of the 5 x 7 TasterJournals, these Jotters are perfectly pocket-sized and include 50 sheets of wine or beer tasting log filler. The perfect prize or giveaway for small wine/beer shops.

Customization Tip
Add personalizations to the front cover for special customers

Products Shown
3.5 x 5 WineJotter and 3.5 x 5 LagerJotter

Each comes with: Cover Series 1 (Classic) paperboard covers; 1-color foil imprint; 50 sheets of wine or beer tasting log filler; Standard wire binding

Sellutions | Express Yourself

This month, we’re embracing our creative roots. We’re showcasing our favorite journals for capturing your best ideas, organizing your thoughts, or unwinding after a long day. Check out the case studies below for some unique journal ideas!


NEW! CreativeSpark Journal

A digital marketing agency wanted to rekindle the passion of their small team with an inspiring end-of-quarter gift. Each employee received a CreativeSpark journal, complete with custom branding and a mix of lined, dotted, and coloring pages.

For ease and quick turnaround, we offer the CreativeSpark Journal in an Organic or Geometric theme with completely predesigned cover and filler — just drop your logo onto the cover!

Customization Tip
For a little something more, you can add to our predesigned themes with your own quotes, images, and/or logo. For a completely unique book, submit customer-supplied designs for the cover and all 30 sheets of filler (custom setup fee applies).

Product Shown
8 x 8 Square CreativeSpark Journal

Comes with: Flexible, wraparound paper covers, printed in full-color; 30 sheets of predesigned CreativeSpark filler (Organic or Geometric themes available); includes motivational quotes, lined, dotted, and coloring pages; Perfect-bound spine


FlipBook SeminarPad

A large tech company wanted a memorable giveaway for an upcoming web conference. They chose the FlipBook for its ability to showcase both their software development brand and internet security brand simultaneously.

Customization Tip
Try a ColorDirect imprint on the front and back covers for high visual impact.

Product Shown
5.5 x 8.5 FlipBook SeminarPad

Shown with: Lime and Midnight Blue paperboard covers; 2-color foil imprints on each side; 50 sheets of graph filler on Lime side, 50 sheets of lined filler on Blue side; comes with (1) full-color, 2-sided insert placed in middle of the filler; Silver wire

gt-700cGoalTracker Journal

A medical device manufacturer needed a practical tool for their growing traveling sales team. A personalized GoalTracker proved to be successful, allowing them to organize their time on trips and track their progress on sales goals.

Customization Tip
Add personalizations on the front cover, as shown here, for special recipients.

Product Shown
5 x 7 Business GoalTracker

Shown with: Matte Firebrick paperboard front cover (upgraded to Series 2); 2-color foil imprint (shown with upgraded bleed deboss); comes with (5) predesigned 2-sided inserts throughout 100 sheets of stock Goal/Action log filler; shown with PenPort back and Red Scripto Score Pen; Black Wire

Sellutions | One Message, Multiple Solutions

With JournalBooks, your options are unlimited! Check out the case studies below to find out how you can take advantage of our versatile product line with a single brand or message.

NEW! PageSaver ImageFlexpsp-8fcps

A large, clean energy corporation needed a few different journal ideas to test out their new branding. The PageSaver ImageFlex stood out strongly as a versatile giveaway for their sales team. The colorful, custom PageSaver tabs are perfect for keeping the new identity top of mind for all employees, old and new.

Customization Tip
Add a SmartPicx hotspot to the cover for more interactive features.

Product Shown
5.5 x 8.5 PageSaver ImageFlex

Comes with: Custom, full-color cover, including perforated back cover with full-color PageSaver tabs


NEW! ValueColor TriPac

With plenty of conferences ahead, this company also wanted ValueColor TriPacs
as valuable giveaway items. Each set includes 3 different versions of custom, full-
pvc-750tpcolor covers, matching their business model, and a custom GraphicWrap.

Customization Tip
Add Variable Data for maximum personalization.

Product Shown
5 x 7 ValueColor TriPac

Each set comes with: Up to 3 different versions of custom full-color covers, enclosed in a full-color GraphicWrap


ClearView SeminarPad w/ColorDirect

Each employee in the marketing department received this ClearView SeminarPad, featuring the new ColorDirect imprint (call factory for add-on price) on the Natural Poly front cover. sp-800cvEach journal came with a PenPort back and Shimmer Pen.

Customization Tip
Add the logo to each filler page (Custom Common Filler) for more advertising.

Product Shown
5.5 x 8.5 ClearView SeminarPad w/PenPort & Pen and NEW! ColorDirect

Comes with: Custom Full-Color, 1-sided Insert under Natural Poly front cover

Sellutions | Personalized Gifts

There’s a lot you can do to make your end-of-year gifts more special. Check our Boost a Book section for all our custom options! Consider one of the ideas below, or talk to our Creative Sales Team for a one-of-a-kind journal.


Variable Data Printing

This annual conference needed a personalized giveaway for its attendees to welcome them to the event. Because of high early registration, they settled on a cost effective Medium nb-100cv-webClearView NoteBook with PenPort and DeluxePen, which allowed for multiple inserts with vibrant full-color artwork, as well as Variable Data personalization.

Customization Tip
Add a Variable Data photo (Text & Image option) of each attendee to personalize even more.

Product Shown
7 x 10 Medium ClearView NoteBook and Variable Data Printing

Shown with: Full-Color Insert with Variable Data, printed on front and back, PenPort Back Cover and Smoke Deluxe Pen

Home Builders

Personalizations and Variable Data Printing

A custom home builder launched an ad campaign to entice young professionals into buying their first home. To strike a chord with potential customers, they paired intimate photos with personalized messaging. Personalization on the cover and Variable Data on the first page achieved just the result they were looking for.bjt-880fc-web

Customization Tip
Combine Personalizations and Variable Data for maximum personalization.

Product Shown
5 x 8.5 Bohemian Textured w/Tip-In with Variable Data Printing and Personalizations

Shown with: Blind Deboss, Personalizations, GraphicWrap, Full-Color Insert with (Image & Text) Variable Data



A growing community bank wanted to thank its new customers with a thoughtful giveaway. They chose a sleek ImageFlex Square NoteBookto show off the beautiful landscape in which psq-7fc-webthey are headquartered. Additionally, they wanted to engage their customers using SmartPicx, so users could easily access online banking on their new, mobile-friendly website with the scan of a smart phone.

Customization Tip
Add the logo to each filler page (Custom Common Filler) for more advertising.

Product Shown
7 x 7 ImageFlex Square NoteBook with SmartPicx

Shown with: Custom Full-Color Outer Cover with SmartPicx, Printed Inside Front, Full-Color Insert

Sellutions | Plan Ahead in Color

Brilliant full color makes a major impact on calendars! Be sure to check out our Timeplanner section for all your calendar possibilities. Here are some unique, industry-specific ideas to help you get started!

Online Businesses

A new online business needed a thoughtful giveaway for first-time orders. The company provides easy recipes and ingredients for people learning to cook. They chose the
Square DesktopPlanner and submitted photos of example meals from their program, as wellimg1 as branding on each month and on the bottom of the stand. Full-color photos were the perfect way to advertise their delicious meals.

Customization Tip
Supply your own images for each month of the year to make your calendar even more unique.

Product Shown
5 x 5 Square DesktopPlanner

Shown with: Full Color Cover and Calendar Pages with Custom Supplied Images and Optional White Foil Imprint

Marketing Firms

With a new year on the horizon, a large marketing firm wanted to give their team a boost in confidence and set a positive tone. To do that, they gave out custom planners at img2their annual holiday party. They chose the Small InspirationalPlanner, and designed and supplied artwork
for each spread with a unique motivational quote.

Customization Tip
Add Personalizations to the front cover for a more meaningful gift.

Product Shown
5 x 7 Small InspirationalPlanner

Shown with: Wedgewood Paperboard Covers, White & Pink Foil Imprint, and Custom Supplied Images


This health center mails out informational packets to new patients, and wanted to include a special calendar as a thank you gift. It also functions as a friendly reminder to make img3appointments online. They chose the Full-Color TravelerLite for the large advertising space on the entire cover. An overprint of their logo completed the calendar,
making it an attractive and cost-effective giveaway.

Customization Tip
Add Variable Data printing to the front cover to personalize each calendar.

Product Shown
8.25 x 10.75 Full-Color TravelerLite

Shown with: Custom Full-Color Outer Cover and Custom Overprinting on Calendar Pages