Back to the Classics: WindowPad

It all comes back to the basics. Serve customers the best-tasting food at a good value in a clean, comfortable restaurant, and they’ll keep coming back.
— Dave Thomas

We got to thinking — maybe it’s time to dust off our favorite core products and give them the spotlight they deserve! Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love coming up with fresh, new journals for you and your clients (and we won’t be slowing down anytime soon…). But we can’t forget the versatility of our core products! They show off our dynamic range of custom capabilities, and offer something really special for your customer.

Today, we’ll highlight the Original WindowPad, one of our best-selling core product series. They’re the perfect solution for a dramatic reveal of custom full-color artwork behind the cover, and can seriously impress!


The Original WindowPad

A standard WindowPad includes:

  • (1) stock shape die-cut window (includes rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, and some miscellaneous shapes; contact us for available options) on front cover
  • (1) full-color, 1-sided insert, showing through the window
  • 100 sheets of lined, graph, or blank filler
  • Choose from any material in Cover Series 1 for covers
  • Available in wire-bound or perfect-bound


What if a basic shape doesn’t tell the whole story?

Your customer’s message may be a little more complex than a basic shape can offer. For times like this, upgrade to a unique, custom shape die-cut window. Check out the examples above to see what’s possible!

We can customize your window to suit almost any logo or shape, but be sure to send us your ideas first. Some restrictions apply, because die-cutting can be a delicate process!

Production Tip: Rounded shapes and angles work best for custom shapes.

Our team can help you decide what will work best, and our sales team can create a custom quote, based on the complexity of the shape.

As always, feel free to contact us for more information, or leave a comment below!


Right on Time: Quick vs. Complex

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
— Douglas Adams

Just like a snowflake, not all project timelines are alike. Sometimes, your customer needs their order yesterday and sometimes, it feels like an eternity before they budge. No matter what your needs are, we aim to get your order shipped right and right on time. Today, we’ve come up with a little sampling of lightning-fast products, standard turnaround products, and more complex, custom products that require a little more TLC.sureship-img

Basic customization and easy blind debossing make these products much faster to produce. 24-hour SureShip® service* is available for many books in our ValueLine, including the above. Click on the links below for even more options:

  1. ValueColor – Full-color printing on the entire outer cover, perfect-bound
  2. ClearValue – Full-color printing on first insert page (1 side) with poly overlay
  3. SlimLine Color – Full-color printing on glossy front cover
  4. Pedova BrightWave – Textured casebound with blind deboss imprint

*To guarantee 24-hour shipping, purchase order and production-ready art must be submitted to by 1:00pm EST, with “24-HOUR SURESHIP PO#_” in subject line. No proofing and no add-ons.


These books take customization a step further — from die-cut windows to full-color accessories built right into the price. We’ve highlighted a few new products here, as well as some classic wire-bound journals. All of these can be in-hands within 7-10 business days from proof approval, our standard turnaround time! Click on the links below for even more options:

  1. Pocket ImageFlex – Full-color outer cover with built-in pocket
  2. WindowPad – Standard shape die-cut window with full-color insert (1-sided)
  3. Lg. Bohemian Textured w/GraphicWrap – 5 textured colors; full-color GraphicWrap; blind deboss imprint
  4. ColorMatch PolyJournal – Natural Poly front cover with flood of (1) PMS color on back; 1-color foil imprint included on front


When the message matters (and you have a little extra time to fine tune), the possibilities are infinite. These Boost A Book options (above) are just a few customization ideas, when ample time is on your side. While boosting may take a little more time, your order will still be ready in 7-10 business days from proof approval in most cases. However, the result is a truly unforgettable promotion. Click the links below to learn more:

  1. Custom Common Filler – Repeat your logo or artwork on each page of filler
  2. Add a Pen & Pen Imprint – Add a pen with your logo
  3. SmartPicx – Add to any full-color, digitally printed product; scannable watermark embedded into image for instant web access
  4. Personalizations – Submit names, and personalize the cover of each book

The Power of Full Color

A little splash of color goes a long way in telling a good story. To kick off 2016, we’re going to highlight some of our best and brightest full-color solutions for your next promotion. Keep reading for more…


A new way to imprint: ColorDirect

Now you can print your full-color logo or artwork directly on the cover material of your choice. Smooth Shimmers and ColorFleck, heavy duty Alloy, even Hoop and Touchdown materials, can be printed on. Available on wire-bound, perfect-bound, and casebound books.



Full-Color Collection

Sometimes, full-color is the only way to showcase the breadth of your company’s message. Luckily, we’ve got a huge assortment of Full-Color products that make a statement. Here are some of our most popular products (shown above from left to right):




Color Accessories

Add a full-color insert or GraphicWrap to transform your message into something truly memorable! Color accessories can strengthen your message, and gives you the freedom to express it however you need to. Take a look at some of our most impactful options:

Color Inserts and Tip-In Pages

Incorporate more detailed company information, advertise an event, or just add a burst of color for more impact. Color inserts can be added to any wire-bound, perfect-bound, or casebound book!



GraphicWraps give your journal a gift-like, retail quality. It’s an easy way to add visual interest right off the bat! Already have a belly band to work with?  We can also attach a supplied belly band to your final book.


NEW! Full-Color PageSaver Bookmark

Never lose your place (or places!) with full-color PageSaver tabs! A sheet of custom-printed PageSavers will be inserted into your book, so you can place them wherever you want.


How to Get Personal with Your Promotions

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”
— Simone Weil, French Philosopher

At the end of the day, everyone wants to be acknowledged. Personalizing your product builds customer trust, and quite simply, makes your customers feel important! Today, we’re going to go over a few simple ways to personalize your next journal, sure to make a lasting impression.


Great for: calendars, planners, gift boxes, employee or end-of-year gifts, or special giveaways

This extra feature allows you to personalize each and every book in your order. Just let us know where to place the names, choose a foil color, font, and size, then submit your list in an Excel spreadsheet. We’ll take care of the rest!

For more information, click the photo below to view our Personalizations product page.

Note, all names must be typed exactly as they should appear (such as title case or all-uppercase)

Variable Data Printing

Great for: anything full-color (including add-ons like GraphicWraps and inserts), conference giveaways, or coupons

Variable data printing is an easy way to add a personal touch when your customer’s rich, colorful designs cannot be compromised. Any text elements (like names or locations) or individual photo elements (such as employee photos) may be changed from one printed piece to the next.

For more information, click the photo below to view our Variable Data product page.

Variable Data Printing
Change out the text only, or text and image! Ask about our Dynamic Variable Data option, too.

How to Maximize Your Calendar’s Potential

Calendars are still a big part of our lives. In 2011, according to Promotional Products Association International, 84% say calendars are an integral part of everyday life, and there are an average of 2.1 printed calendars per office!

A calendar’s most obvious advantage? Being a tangible part of someone’s day for 365 days a year (366 in 2016). That’s a whole year’s worth of daily attention from your audience! With that kind of impression, it’s worth making it something special. In this post, we’re going to show you some easy ways to customize your 2016 calendar orders.

Custom Overprinting

This is a really easy and inexpensive way to utilize prime advertising space. With custom overprinting, we simply print your specified artwork (logo, illustration, or message) on each page of your calendar (for quantities as low as 250). All options shown are printed in black only. We want to show you a few different overprint options for our popular Analyst and Director, as well as a calendar option for our Bohemian journal.


Need something subtle and nuanced to connect with an audience? Try a ShadowPrint. We print your artwork very lightly (at most, 10% black) in the background of a single page, behind the calendar and repeated throughout. See below example to see a ShadowPrint in action! ShadowPrints can be added to the Analyst, Director, or President.


Memospace & Masthead imprints

An easy way to advertise in your calendar. We can print their logo or message and repeat throughout, either in the common blank space of each calendar spread (the memospace) or the upper right corner of each spread (the masthead). See above example for a Masthead Imprint, see below example for a Memospace Imprint.

Dateblock imprints

It pays to make it even more personal. We can also print your customer’s important dates and/or reminders in any individual date blocks you specify. See example below! Minimum quantity for this feature is 500 pieces.


Pictorial Imprints

What if your customer has lots of great information or imagery they want to include? For this type of scenario, consider Pictorial Imprints. We can customize any Director or President calendar with Pictorial Imprints for each month (13 custom pictorials included), which can range from photos of products to company directories. See our example below (also includes a ShadowPrint example)! Pictorial Imprints are printed in grayscale only, including photographs.


Calendars for the Bohemian

Want the look of a sophisticated Bohemian journal with the added convenience of a calendar? We’ve come up with a practical solution for our Medium and Large Bohemians (Classic, BrightHue, and Textured). Add a digitally printed, 12-month calendar booklet to the front of your Bohemian, without sacrificing precious writing space. See example below, featuring the new Large Bohemian Textured.


Need some help navigating these options, or just want to brainstorm more calendar ideas? Totally understandable! Contact our sales team with your questions and ideas, or leave a comment below.

Color Capabilities

A little bit of color can transform a simple message into a dazzling marketing piece. But which decoration method will best fit your client’s needs? In this post, we’re going to give you some tips on how to best utilize our color printing methods, with some potential scenarios you might encounter.

Silkscreening & Color Matching

You’ve just landed your biggest account, a well-known corporation with strict brand guidelines. They utilize specific Pantone® colors, PMS 165C Orange and White, and this project is no exception. They’ve expressed interest in foil stamping on a white NP-700C, but they need a guaranteed color match. What do you suggest?ScreenPrint

Solution: We cannot guarantee an exact color match to our foils, so instead, offer a silkscreened cover!  Silkscreening allows for more precise color matching, and yields beautiful results (see left) — most consistently on a white paperboard cover. (Bonus: their artwork can be a lot more intricate because silkscreening also achieves finer details) Keep in mind, the color of the cover material can sometimes interfere with color matching. Offset printing is also available for inserts, tip-ins, or custom common filler, and allows for color matching!


Always choose a light color or white material when an exact match is required.

full-colorDigital Printing & Smaller Quantities

An online startup company needs a gift for each member of their small (but growing) team. They want to use photo-heavy artwork for the piece, and they want them in a hurry — they can’t wait to get their hands on these books! What do you suggest?


Solution: This is where our full-color products shine! Unlike offset printing, digital printing allows for smaller runs and unique, photographic imagery with many different colors. On top of that, we can print most digital, full-color pieces pretty quickly — win, win! While we can usually get an adequate match for most PMS colors, there are some colors that won’t have the same vibrancy or accuracy in a digital print because digital printing is a 4-color process. This just means the press uses a mix of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) inks, much like your office inkjet printer. You can see the difference in the image above.


To prevent banding (streakiness in the print), avoid artwork with large areas of solid color. If this type of artwork is necessary, consider offset printing, which allows for PMS color matching and consistent color coverage.