Customization isn’t scary…it’s simple!

We did it! We made it through the Halloween season and survived (arguably) the toughest dilemma of the year: what costume to choose? There’s nothing quite like the struggle of deciding how much you’re ready to invest in your Halloween look.  Once an idea forms, it’s easy to envision the most elaborate, creative version that will win every costume contest, thus ensuring your rightful position as Belle/Beau of theHalloween Ball, but is it feasible?

Here at JournalBooks, we take Halloween VERY seriously, as evidenced by the results of our annual costume contest. While some people take a year to plan every minute detail, others find themselves in a major time crunch. Regardless of how simple or complicated the process may be, having the right costume is crucial. This year’s contest had some brutal competition.We saw everything from witches and wizards to our third place winner, Freddie, as Michael Jackson. Some of the staff teamed up, coming as the ladies of the hit 90’s film, ‘Clueless’ and the cast of ‘Cinderella.’ Jewel really had her bases covered, showing up as Dionne then transforming into Polynesian Sauce as part of a group Chick-fil-A costume. Way to double-dip! Alas, not everyone can win, so we put it to a vote and Maricela Gonzalez’s commitment won her old lady costume the grand prize.

In the same way as we are dedicated to our favorite Halloween tradition, we are even more dedicated to understanding the importance of your business expressing its unique brand in the form of custom journals! Whether you’re the type to cut some holes in a sheet and call yourself Casper, or cover yourself in white paint and soot-covered rags to create the ultimate ghoul, we’ve got you covered. If you have a bit more time and a more flexible budget, we can work with you to create your dream book. Something like a custom poly color match journal (with some reversed art) and additional accessories would be quite the treat!  All we need from you is a bit of information.

To take your book from drab to fab, we simply start by asking what your basic needs are. We want to do the most with what we have to work with, so this is vital information in order to take the next step in creating your masterpiece.

  • What is your timeframe?
    • Do you need a proof? Can we swing a SureShip item?!
  • When will you need the product in-hands?
    • We have partially-made items and made-to-order items; what works depends on timing!
    • To where in the world are these shipping?
  • How many units will you need?
  • What is your budget?

With these few questions answered, we are now able to determine whether you’d be handing out Smarties or King-Sized Snicker bars, so to speak. The next step into creating the perfect book for your brand will be determining any art restrictions.

  • Can we modify the art?
    • When given creative liberties we have creative artists who can work with your art. 
  • Is specific color-matching required?

A book without purpose is just…a book. What is the purpose of your book? Knowing what your book will be used for, whether it’s general note-taking, planning an event, a work book for a seminar, or even a monthly calendar will help us recommend customizations that will boost your book to the next level. We’re JB connoisseurs, so let us guide you to what works best for you.

Goal: Make an impression! Be bold: build it. If you have the time, let’s make your brand stand out with features that aren’t included in competitor’s items that are pulled off shelves. Die-cut windows, textured or high-end covers, multiple methods of decoration, different binding styles, and custom printed filler or insert are all available!

If you don’t have the time, everyone loves a simple debossing on leather-like material, but kick it up a notch with oversized debossing or a full color artwork.  If you’re looking for a traditional journal, with a simple design that you can get for that impromptu meeting next week, we’re on it! An Ambassador, Bohemian, or Nova will do the trick! Throw a business card holder in there so you’re networking ready! Be ready to grow!

Don’t run around with “book.” It is your brand, not a brand. Let the creative season fuel you, and make the message matter!


The Power of Full Color

A little splash of color goes a long way in telling a good story. To kick off 2016, we’re going to highlight some of our best and brightest full-color solutions for your next promotion. Keep reading for more…


A new way to imprint: ColorDirect

Now you can print your full-color logo or artwork directly on the cover material of your choice. Smooth Shimmers and ColorFleck, heavy duty Alloy, even Hoop and Touchdown materials, can be printed on. Available on wire-bound, perfect-bound, and casebound books.



Full-Color Collection

Sometimes, full-color is the only way to showcase the breadth of your company’s message. Luckily, we’ve got a huge assortment of Full-Color products that make a statement. Here are some of our most popular products (shown above from left to right):




Color Accessories

Add a full-color insert or GraphicWrap to transform your message into something truly memorable! Color accessories can strengthen your message, and gives you the freedom to express it however you need to. Take a look at some of our most impactful options:

Color Inserts and Tip-In Pages

Incorporate more detailed company information, advertise an event, or just add a burst of color for more impact. Color inserts can be added to any wire-bound, perfect-bound, or casebound book!



GraphicWraps give your journal a gift-like, retail quality. It’s an easy way to add visual interest right off the bat! Already have a belly band to work with?  We can also attach a supplied belly band to your final book.


NEW! Full-Color PageSaver Bookmark

Never lose your place (or places!) with full-color PageSaver tabs! A sheet of custom-printed PageSavers will be inserted into your book, so you can place them wherever you want.


How to Maximize Your Calendar’s Potential

Calendars are still a big part of our lives. In 2011, according to Promotional Products Association International, 84% say calendars are an integral part of everyday life, and there are an average of 2.1 printed calendars per office!

A calendar’s most obvious advantage? Being a tangible part of someone’s day for 365 days a year (366 in 2016). That’s a whole year’s worth of daily attention from your audience! With that kind of impression, it’s worth making it something special. In this post, we’re going to show you some easy ways to customize your 2016 calendar orders.

Custom Overprinting

This is a really easy and inexpensive way to utilize prime advertising space. With custom overprinting, we simply print your specified artwork (logo, illustration, or message) on each page of your calendar (for quantities as low as 250). All options shown are printed in black only. We want to show you a few different overprint options for our popular Analyst and Director, as well as a calendar option for our Bohemian journal.


Need something subtle and nuanced to connect with an audience? Try a ShadowPrint. We print your artwork very lightly (at most, 10% black) in the background of a single page, behind the calendar and repeated throughout. See below example to see a ShadowPrint in action! ShadowPrints can be added to the Analyst, Director, or President.


Memospace & Masthead imprints

An easy way to advertise in your calendar. We can print their logo or message and repeat throughout, either in the common blank space of each calendar spread (the memospace) or the upper right corner of each spread (the masthead). See above example for a Masthead Imprint, see below example for a Memospace Imprint.

Dateblock imprints

It pays to make it even more personal. We can also print your customer’s important dates and/or reminders in any individual date blocks you specify. See example below! Minimum quantity for this feature is 500 pieces.


Pictorial Imprints

What if your customer has lots of great information or imagery they want to include? For this type of scenario, consider Pictorial Imprints. We can customize any Director or President calendar with Pictorial Imprints for each month (13 custom pictorials included), which can range from photos of products to company directories. See our example below (also includes a ShadowPrint example)! Pictorial Imprints are printed in grayscale only, including photographs.


Calendars for the Bohemian

Want the look of a sophisticated Bohemian journal with the added convenience of a calendar? We’ve come up with a practical solution for our Medium and Large Bohemians (Classic, BrightHue, and Textured). Add a digitally printed, 12-month calendar booklet to the front of your Bohemian, without sacrificing precious writing space. See example below, featuring the new Large Bohemian Textured.


Need some help navigating these options, or just want to brainstorm more calendar ideas? Totally understandable! Contact our sales team with your questions and ideas, or leave a comment below.

Sellutions | Planning Ahead

2016 is on the horizon (we can’t believe it either…), so it’s time to start planning ahead. Remember, calendars don’t have to be boring! Be sure to check out our Timeplanner section for all your calendar possibilities. Here are some unique, industry-specific ideas to help you get started!


This historic college needed an attractive giveaway that appeals to potential students.
TheWall Monthly calendar was the perfect choice, traditional and useful. To showcase their growing visual arts program, they submitted photographs taken by faculty and Wall Monthlystudents around the campus to be used as custom images in these dorm-sized Wall Monthly calendars.

Customization Tip
Provide your own custom-designed calendar layout to perfectly complement the brand.

Product Shown
3.75 x 9 Wall Monthly

Shown with: Full Color Cover and Calendar Pages with Custom Supplied Images


A locally-owned restaurant wanted to sell a practical gift at the front register for the holidays. To entice regular customers, they customized the calendar pages with a different coupon each month of the year, and branded the pages with a ShadowPrint. These calendars proved to ClearView Analystbe successful by bringing in new customers and keeping regulars happy with special offers each month!

Customization Tip
Add multiple insert pages with company’s story for a more intimate giveaway.

Product Shown
8.5 x 11 ClearView Analyst

Shown with: Full Color, 1-sided Insert and Custom Overprinting and Date Blocks


A major art museum needed a gift shop item that would keep the museum top-of-mind for visitors. The Bohemian Textured journal was a beautiful addition, and with the calendar at the front, the book became a part of the visitor’s Bohemian Textured w/Calendarevery day routine. Inspired by the latest exhibit, the GraphicWrap art hints at what’s current in the museum.

Customization Tip
Add a GraphicWrap with SmartPicx hotspot to direct customers to new web content.

Product Shown
5 x 8.5 Bohemian Textured w/Calendar

Shown with: Blind Deboss Imprint, 12-month Calendar at front, and Full-Color GraphicWrap

Sellutions | Event Planning

We’re offering a new EQP Special, perfectly tailored for your client’s next big event! Have something specific in mind? Talk to our Creative Sales Team for a one-of-a-kind journal or planner. Here are some creative ideas to get you started!


For their upcoming annual summit, this chemical company purchased Color TriPac journals with 3 different cover colors journals in each pack. The set of 3 is enclosed in a full-color GraphicWrap and shrink wrappedpvc-750tp together with an additional imprinted pen. This provides writing materials for the conference, as well as extra journals for future use.

Customization Tip
Design all three enclosed books with different art and sayings for different speakers or events.

Product Shown
5 x 7 Color TriPac

Shown with: 3 Unique Full-Color Outside Covers and 1 Full-Color GraphicWrap


A bridal boutique presents this beautiful PhotoNotes to new customers when they purchase a wedding dress or any planning services. The journals include a checklist for all the tasks to be pnh-570pcompleted before the big day. Photo sleeves can be used to hold color swatches and planning details, and then to showcase photos after the wedding.

Customization Tip
Utilize the included black & white insert to be a checklist for the upcoming event.

Product Shown
6.5 x 5 Prestige PhotoNotes

Shown with: White GlossMetallic Front Cover with Oversize Blind Deboss & Blue #5 Foil Imprint


The Ambassador was chosen as a gift for each attendee of an art museum benefit gala. The cover was imprinted with the museum name and the full-color GraphicWrap had each attendee’s name personalized on the bottom. The inside tip-in pages featured contribution levels, artist bios, and museum information.amb-58gw

Customization Tip
Add variable data personalizations to full-color GraphicWraps or Tip-Ins to make each book special.

Product Shown
5.5 x 8.25 Ambassador w/ GraphicWrap

Shown with: Turquoise Cover with Green #6 Foil Imprint, Full-Color GraphicWrap, & Multiple Tip-In Pages

4 Colorful Ways to Boost a Casebound Journal

“Color embraces you. It wakes you up and keeps you present.”
— Tracy Reese, fashion designer

There’s so much to love about the convenience and versatility of a casebound journal. But what if we’re only skimming the surface of its possibilities with a standard blind deboss? Think of it as a blank canvas. A debossed company’s logo can be powerful on its own, and sometimes, that’s all you need. But when a promotional campaign calls for a more complex message, a full-color add-on invites a user into a deeper, more meaningful conversation. That kind of messaging can leave a lasting impression.

Using our lovely, new Bohemian Textured as an example, here are 4 colorful (and easy) ways you can boost the message on any casebound journal:

BJT-880The blind deboss, texture, and rich blue hue stand on their own to make a strong impact.
Shown above: BJT-880 (5 x 8.5)

BJT-880CVA full-color adhesive graphic is the perfect vehicle for a nuanced statement.
Shown above: BJT-880CV (5 x 8.5)


A full-color tip-in works beautifully for large images and pages with a lot of information or content.

Shown above: BJT-880FC (5 x 8.5)

step4 Variable Data Printing allows for easy, custom personalizations on any full-color add-on’s.
Shown above: BJT-880FC (5 x 8.5) with Variable Data Printing

BJT-880GWFull-Color GraphicWraps have a more retail quality and feel more like a gift than a giveaway.
Shown above: BJT-880GW (5 x 8.5)

Visit the Casebound section on our website to browse our full collection of casebound journals, all of which can be boosted with full-color!

24-hour SureShip® is not available on casebound journals with full-color add-on’s.

Sellutions | Employee Gifts

With Administrative Professionals’ Day (April 22) on the horizon, we thought it would be a great time to showcase a few gift ideas to make your employees feel extra appreciated!

Employee Handbook

A pharmaceutical company provided a Binder to their employees that features an employee
DB-800handbook and ruled filler. In the back, a vinyl pocket held full-color tabbed inserts that
answered FAQ’s and provided important educational info and guides.

Customization Tip
Tabbed inserts are a great way to provide important info for quick reference

Product Shown
5.5 x 8.5 DeluxeBinder

Shown with: Ink ColorFleck Covers with Two 2 Satin Silver Foil Imprints

Welcome Package

New employees at this engineering firm received a Pedova BrightWave Journal and a digital tablet with their welcome package. The journal features a full-color, fold-out SmartPicx inserti2 with information about the company, its mission statement, and corporate values.

Customization Tip
Add SmartPicx to your inserts for interactive print- to-web scanning on a smart phone or tablet

Product Shown
7 x 10 Pedova BrightWave

Shown with: Lime Pedova BrightWave with Blind Deboss

Employee Gift Set

During the holidays, an architecture group provides gift sets to employees, which includes a high-quality WoodGrain NoteBook for office use, as well as a small Sketch LifestyleJotter that employees can keep with them for inspiration-on-the-go.NB-10WG & PLH-300SK

Customization Tip
Customize calendars with important dates, advertisements, and messages

Product Shown
7 x 10 WoodGrain Medium NoteBook & 5 x 3.5 LifestyleJotter (Sketch theme)

Shown with: Walnut Wood Paperboard Cover with Copper,Satin Gold, and Black Foils; Flexible Natural Paper Covers with Copper, Black, and Tint Foils