Customization isn’t scary…it’s simple!

We did it! We made it through the Halloween season and survived (arguably) the toughest dilemma of the year: what costume to choose? There’s nothing quite like the struggle of deciding how much you’re ready to invest in your Halloween look.  Once an idea forms, it’s easy to envision the most elaborate, creative version that will win every costume contest, thus ensuring your rightful position as Belle/Beau of theHalloween Ball, but is it feasible?

Here at JournalBooks, we take Halloween VERY seriously, as evidenced by the results of our annual costume contest. While some people take a year to plan every minute detail, others find themselves in a major time crunch. Regardless of how simple or complicated the process may be, having the right costume is crucial. This year’s contest had some brutal competition.We saw everything from witches and wizards to our third place winner, Freddie, as Michael Jackson. Some of the staff teamed up, coming as the ladies of the hit 90’s film, ‘Clueless’ and the cast of ‘Cinderella.’ Jewel really had her bases covered, showing up as Dionne then transforming into Polynesian Sauce as part of a group Chick-fil-A costume. Way to double-dip! Alas, not everyone can win, so we put it to a vote and Maricela Gonzalez’s commitment won her old lady costume the grand prize.

In the same way as we are dedicated to our favorite Halloween tradition, we are even more dedicated to understanding the importance of your business expressing its unique brand in the form of custom journals! Whether you’re the type to cut some holes in a sheet and call yourself Casper, or cover yourself in white paint and soot-covered rags to create the ultimate ghoul, we’ve got you covered. If you have a bit more time and a more flexible budget, we can work with you to create your dream book. Something like a custom poly color match journal (with some reversed art) and additional accessories would be quite the treat!  All we need from you is a bit of information.

To take your book from drab to fab, we simply start by asking what your basic needs are. We want to do the most with what we have to work with, so this is vital information in order to take the next step in creating your masterpiece.

  • What is your timeframe?
    • Do you need a proof? Can we swing a SureShip item?!
  • When will you need the product in-hands?
    • We have partially-made items and made-to-order items; what works depends on timing!
    • To where in the world are these shipping?
  • How many units will you need?
  • What is your budget?

With these few questions answered, we are now able to determine whether you’d be handing out Smarties or King-Sized Snicker bars, so to speak. The next step into creating the perfect book for your brand will be determining any art restrictions.

  • Can we modify the art?
    • When given creative liberties we have creative artists who can work with your art. 
  • Is specific color-matching required?

A book without purpose is just…a book. What is the purpose of your book? Knowing what your book will be used for, whether it’s general note-taking, planning an event, a work book for a seminar, or even a monthly calendar will help us recommend customizations that will boost your book to the next level. We’re JB connoisseurs, so let us guide you to what works best for you.

Goal: Make an impression! Be bold: build it. If you have the time, let’s make your brand stand out with features that aren’t included in competitor’s items that are pulled off shelves. Die-cut windows, textured or high-end covers, multiple methods of decoration, different binding styles, and custom printed filler or insert are all available!

If you don’t have the time, everyone loves a simple debossing on leather-like material, but kick it up a notch with oversized debossing or a full color artwork.  If you’re looking for a traditional journal, with a simple design that you can get for that impromptu meeting next week, we’re on it! An Ambassador, Bohemian, or Nova will do the trick! Throw a business card holder in there so you’re networking ready! Be ready to grow!

Don’t run around with “book.” It is your brand, not a brand. Let the creative season fuel you, and make the message matter!


Sellutions | Back to School

It’s time to start looking for back-to-school gifts and giveaways! This month, we’re showcasing some of our favorite journals and planners for collegiate audiences.


ImageFlex Medium NoteBook

A visual arts college needed a new product to sell in their on-campus bookstore. They chose the ImageFlex Med. NoteBook with custom rounded corners and stock multifunctional filler for notetaking. Their marketing team sent their own composition-style cover art to make it a visually enticing purchase.

Customization Tip
Add a full-color insert page for more information or branding

Product Shown
7 x 10 ImageFlex Medium NoteBook

Comes with: Flexible, wraparound paper covers, printed in full-color; 100 sheets of stock lined/graph/blank filler; Perfect-bound spine


ValueColor TriPac

To prepare for their upcoming freshman orientation, a university purchased ValueColor TriPacs for new students. Each book in the set featured one of the school’s colors, making them spirited writing companions for orientation.

Customization Tip
Submit up to 3 designs for each book in the set

Product Shown
5 x 7 ValueColor TriPac

Each set comes with: Up to 3 different versions of custom full-color covers, rounded corners, and enclosed in a full-color GraphicWrap


Academic TabbedQuarterly PageSaver

A prestigious university wanted to include a unique academic planner in their
welcome packet. The TabbedQuarterly PageSaver proved to be a successful giveaway, allowing students to plan the year ahead with handy bookmarks and calendar.

Customization Tip
Add Variable Data to the full-color insert for a personalized touch

Product Shown
7 x 10 Academic TabbedQuarterly PageSaver

Comes with: Natural Poly Front Cover; 1-sided full-color insert as first page, with 4 tear-off PageSaver tabs; 4 banks of (3) die-cut tabs on 100# matte stock in front (1 bank per quarter); 70 sheets of Academic stock class assignment filler; Wire binding

Sellutions | Cheers to Summertime

Summer’s so close, we can almost taste it! This month, we’re showcasing our versatile line of TasterJournals, handy tools for recording the delectable details of your favorite wine or beer. Check out some creative ideas below…


WindowPad WineTaster

A popular winery used the WindowPad WineTaster as an incentive for special memberships. Includes stock inserts full of information for the aspiring sommelier, as well as 50 sheets of tasting log filler.

Customization Tip
Upgrade your cover material for a more luxurious look and feel

Product Shown
5 x 7 WindowPad WineTaster

Shown with: Brushed Silver Metallic paperboard front cover (Upgrade to Series 3); Custom die-cut window and 2-color foil imprint; Full-color 1-sided insert; Predesigned black & white inserts for WineTaster; 50 sheets of wine-tasting log filler; Silver wire


Classic LagerLogger

A new brewery gave away a custom LagerLogger at their grand opening. Includes a full-color stock insert, stock black & white inserts with beer facts and tasting information, as well as 50 sheets of tasting log filler.

Customization Tip
Upgrade to a custom full-color front cover, like the one shown here

Product Shown
5 x 7 Classic LagerLogger

Shown with: Full-color (ImageBook-style, optional upgrade) front cover; Full-color, predesigned LagerLogger insert; Predesigned black & white inserts for LagerLogger; 50 sheets of beer-tasting log filler; White wire


Wine/Lager LifestyleJotter

Perfect-bound LifestyleJotters are available in wine-tasting, beer-tasting, fitness, and sketch themes. Includes 100 sheets of tasting log filler. The perfect giveaway for large, outdoor summer events like concerts or festivals.

Customization Tip
Add a company logo to the filler pages for extra exposure

Products Shown
5 x 3.5 Wine LifestyleJotter and 5 x 3.5 Lager LifestyleJotter

Each comes with: Natural, flexible paper covers; 1-color foil imprint; 100 sheets of beer or wine tasting log filler; Perfect-bound spine


WineJotter & LagerJotter

A mini version of the 5 x 7 TasterJournals, these Jotters are perfectly pocket-sized and include 50 sheets of wine or beer tasting log filler. The perfect prize or giveaway for small wine/beer shops.

Customization Tip
Add personalizations to the front cover for special customers

Products Shown
3.5 x 5 WineJotter and 3.5 x 5 LagerJotter

Each comes with: Cover Series 1 (Classic) paperboard covers; 1-color foil imprint; 50 sheets of wine or beer tasting log filler; Standard wire binding

Back to the Classics: WindowPad

It all comes back to the basics. Serve customers the best-tasting food at a good value in a clean, comfortable restaurant, and they’ll keep coming back.
— Dave Thomas

We got to thinking — maybe it’s time to dust off our favorite core products and give them the spotlight they deserve! Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love coming up with fresh, new journals for you and your clients (and we won’t be slowing down anytime soon…). But we can’t forget the versatility of our core products! They show off our dynamic range of custom capabilities, and offer something really special for your customer.

Today, we’ll highlight the Original WindowPad, one of our best-selling core product series. They’re the perfect solution for a dramatic reveal of custom full-color artwork behind the cover, and can seriously impress!


The Original WindowPad

A standard WindowPad includes:

  • (1) stock shape die-cut window (includes rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, and some miscellaneous shapes; contact us for available options) on front cover
  • (1) full-color, 1-sided insert, showing through the window
  • 100 sheets of lined, graph, or blank filler
  • Choose from any material in Cover Series 1 for covers
  • Available in wire-bound or perfect-bound


What if a basic shape doesn’t tell the whole story?

Your customer’s message may be a little more complex than a basic shape can offer. For times like this, upgrade to a unique, custom shape die-cut window. Check out the examples above to see what’s possible!

We can customize your window to suit almost any logo or shape, but be sure to send us your ideas first. Some restrictions apply, because die-cutting can be a delicate process!

Production Tip: Rounded shapes and angles work best for custom shapes.

Our team can help you decide what will work best, and our sales team can create a custom quote, based on the complexity of the shape.

As always, feel free to contact us for more information, or leave a comment below!

Sellutions | Express Yourself

This month, we’re embracing our creative roots. We’re showcasing our favorite journals for capturing your best ideas, organizing your thoughts, or unwinding after a long day. Check out the case studies below for some unique journal ideas!


NEW! CreativeSpark Journal

A digital marketing agency wanted to rekindle the passion of their small team with an inspiring end-of-quarter gift. Each employee received a CreativeSpark journal, complete with custom branding and a mix of lined, dotted, and coloring pages.

For ease and quick turnaround, we offer the CreativeSpark Journal in an Organic or Geometric theme with completely predesigned cover and filler — just drop your logo onto the cover!

Customization Tip
For a little something more, you can add to our predesigned themes with your own quotes, images, and/or logo. For a completely unique book, submit customer-supplied designs for the cover and all 30 sheets of filler (custom setup fee applies).

Product Shown
8 x 8 Square CreativeSpark Journal

Comes with: Flexible, wraparound paper covers, printed in full-color; 30 sheets of predesigned CreativeSpark filler (Organic or Geometric themes available); includes motivational quotes, lined, dotted, and coloring pages; Perfect-bound spine


FlipBook SeminarPad

A large tech company wanted a memorable giveaway for an upcoming web conference. They chose the FlipBook for its ability to showcase both their software development brand and internet security brand simultaneously.

Customization Tip
Try a ColorDirect imprint on the front and back covers for high visual impact.

Product Shown
5.5 x 8.5 FlipBook SeminarPad

Shown with: Lime and Midnight Blue paperboard covers; 2-color foil imprints on each side; 50 sheets of graph filler on Lime side, 50 sheets of lined filler on Blue side; comes with (1) full-color, 2-sided insert placed in middle of the filler; Silver wire

gt-700cGoalTracker Journal

A medical device manufacturer needed a practical tool for their growing traveling sales team. A personalized GoalTracker proved to be successful, allowing them to organize their time on trips and track their progress on sales goals.

Customization Tip
Add personalizations on the front cover, as shown here, for special recipients.

Product Shown
5 x 7 Business GoalTracker

Shown with: Matte Firebrick paperboard front cover (upgraded to Series 2); 2-color foil imprint (shown with upgraded bleed deboss); comes with (5) predesigned 2-sided inserts throughout 100 sheets of stock Goal/Action log filler; shown with PenPort back and Red Scripto Score Pen; Black Wire

Right on Time: Quick vs. Complex

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
— Douglas Adams

Just like a snowflake, not all project timelines are alike. Sometimes, your customer needs their order yesterday and sometimes, it feels like an eternity before they budge. No matter what your needs are, we aim to get your order shipped right and right on time. Today, we’ve come up with a little sampling of lightning-fast products, standard turnaround products, and more complex, custom products that require a little more TLC.sureship-img

Basic customization and easy blind debossing make these products much faster to produce. 24-hour SureShip® service* is available for many books in our ValueLine, including the above. Click on the links below for even more options:

  1. ValueColor – Full-color printing on the entire outer cover, perfect-bound
  2. ClearValue – Full-color printing on first insert page (1 side) with poly overlay
  3. SlimLine Color – Full-color printing on glossy front cover
  4. Pedova BrightWave – Textured casebound with blind deboss imprint

*To guarantee 24-hour shipping, purchase order and production-ready art must be submitted to by 1:00pm EST, with “24-HOUR SURESHIP PO#_” in subject line. No proofing and no add-ons.


These books take customization a step further — from die-cut windows to full-color accessories built right into the price. We’ve highlighted a few new products here, as well as some classic wire-bound journals. All of these can be in-hands within 7-10 business days from proof approval, our standard turnaround time! Click on the links below for even more options:

  1. Pocket ImageFlex – Full-color outer cover with built-in pocket
  2. WindowPad – Standard shape die-cut window with full-color insert (1-sided)
  3. Lg. Bohemian Textured w/GraphicWrap – 5 textured colors; full-color GraphicWrap; blind deboss imprint
  4. ColorMatch PolyJournal – Natural Poly front cover with flood of (1) PMS color on back; 1-color foil imprint included on front


When the message matters (and you have a little extra time to fine tune), the possibilities are infinite. These Boost A Book options (above) are just a few customization ideas, when ample time is on your side. While boosting may take a little more time, your order will still be ready in 7-10 business days from proof approval in most cases. However, the result is a truly unforgettable promotion. Click the links below to learn more:

  1. Custom Common Filler – Repeat your logo or artwork on each page of filler
  2. Add a Pen & Pen Imprint – Add a pen with your logo
  3. SmartPicx – Add to any full-color, digitally printed product; scannable watermark embedded into image for instant web access
  4. Personalizations – Submit names, and personalize the cover of each book

The Power of Full Color

A little splash of color goes a long way in telling a good story. To kick off 2016, we’re going to highlight some of our best and brightest full-color solutions for your next promotion. Keep reading for more…


A new way to imprint: ColorDirect

Now you can print your full-color logo or artwork directly on the cover material of your choice. Smooth Shimmers and ColorFleck, heavy duty Alloy, even Hoop and Touchdown materials, can be printed on. Available on wire-bound, perfect-bound, and casebound books.



Full-Color Collection

Sometimes, full-color is the only way to showcase the breadth of your company’s message. Luckily, we’ve got a huge assortment of Full-Color products that make a statement. Here are some of our most popular products (shown above from left to right):




Color Accessories

Add a full-color insert or GraphicWrap to transform your message into something truly memorable! Color accessories can strengthen your message, and gives you the freedom to express it however you need to. Take a look at some of our most impactful options:

Color Inserts and Tip-In Pages

Incorporate more detailed company information, advertise an event, or just add a burst of color for more impact. Color inserts can be added to any wire-bound, perfect-bound, or casebound book!



GraphicWraps give your journal a gift-like, retail quality. It’s an easy way to add visual interest right off the bat! Already have a belly band to work with?  We can also attach a supplied belly band to your final book.


NEW! Full-Color PageSaver Bookmark

Never lose your place (or places!) with full-color PageSaver tabs! A sheet of custom-printed PageSavers will be inserted into your book, so you can place them wherever you want.