Sellutions – The Analyst

Can you believe it? It’s already the end of November! With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to get planning. One of our favorite ways to prepare for the upcoming year is with the Analyst. 

The Analyst

Created for a design agency, this planner was the perfect solution for combing a calendar of events with a functional planner. Each page features tabbed calendar spreads about events throughout the year. The information will remain at the client’s fingertips, reminding them of upcoming events, dates, and locations. A Gloss Metallic white font cover with ColorDirect imprint and 15 blank memo sheets added for the convenience of on-the-go note taking.

Customization Tip
Include additional custom inserts with schedules, event maps, sponsor information, etc, and a penport and pen. Don’t forget the custom imprint on your calendar!

Options are plentiful when it comes to the Analyst! Switch up your covers with a Natural Poly Front Cover (1-sided, full-color insert included), or a Leatherette Cover that comes in 5 different colors. 

Product Shown
8.5″ x 11″ HardCover Analyst

Comes with: Cover Series 1 (Classic) chipboard front and back covers; Analyst monthly stock calendar w/die cut tabs; 15 sheet blank memo section at back; Wire binding; 1-color foil or deboss imprint up to 16″ sq.


The Art of Foil Stamping

When we first opened our doors in the 1970s, the only customization we offered was foil stamping! To this day, foil stamping is our most popular imprinting method, and for good reason. With a unique range of finishes and effects, the results can be stunning! In this post, we’re going to cover some of the basics of foil stamping, so you and your client can reap the benefits of this tried-and-true imprinting method.

How Does It Work?

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Foil stamping is a printing method in which a stamping die transfers a foil to a substrate (in our case, a variety of journals and covers), using a range of heat and pressure.stamping die is a metal plate that is engraved with the artwork to be stamped. These stamping dies are created in-house from your vector artwork, and are used on a foil stamping press or machine. In the machine, the die is heated and the foil is pressed onto the cover, leaving behind a foil imprint (or blind deboss without foil).

Types of Foils


  1. Blind Deboss. This is a hot stamp without foil. It can be very subtle, so it’s great for designs with a lot of coverage. Recommended for oversized imprints, especially ones with smaller detail.
  2. Tint Foil. This foil type prints much like a blind deboss, but uses a clear foil with a slight tint, kind of like the tint on a pair of sunglasses. Recommended for subtle imprints that need a little extra contrast.
  3. Matte Foil. This foil type comes in a variety of colors and has a chalk-like release and a matte/flat finish. Recommended on textured cover materials.
  4. Gloss Foil. This foil type reflects light and has a glossy finish, and comes in a variety of colors. Recommended on smooth, paperboard cover materials.
  5. Satin Metallic Foil. This foil type has a soft metallic sheen and comes in many colors. These foils are super versatile and typically stamp well, so they’re a favorite among customers and our stamping crew!
  6. Shiny Metallic Foil. This foil type has a highly reflective metallic sheen and comes in a variety of colors. These foils also stamp well, so they’re recommended for artwork with more intricate detail.

Tips from the Experts

JB veteran and stamping supervisor, Alan has been working in stamping for 21 years, and his best advice: “Keep images as open and clean as possible to get the best quality imprint.”

Here are a few more tips from the stamping team:

Alan, Stamping Supervisor

  • Text and small details stamp best when they’re in their positive form, rather than inside the negative space of a design.
  • The larger, more solid the coverage of your art, the harder it is for foil to adhere evenly. Keep solid areas in your design as small as possible, especially when choosing textured materials.
  • Because of the amount of heat and pressure required of some jobs, foils may spread. To minimize this, make sure artwork is as large, open, and legible as possible — especially text!
  • Matte and gloss foils are not completely opaque, so keep this in mind when choosing cover material color and texture, because it may show through.
  • When in doubt, we have many alternatives to foil stamping, such as silkscreening or full-color printing with a die-cut window, which can achieve finer details.
  • If you ever have questions about how your logo or design will stamp, you can always send it to us ( for evaluation!

4 Colorful Ways to Boost a Casebound Journal

“Color embraces you. It wakes you up and keeps you present.”
— Tracy Reese, fashion designer

There’s so much to love about the convenience and versatility of a casebound journal. But what if we’re only skimming the surface of its possibilities with a standard blind deboss? Think of it as a blank canvas. A debossed company’s logo can be powerful on its own, and sometimes, that’s all you need. But when a promotional campaign calls for a more complex message, a full-color add-on invites a user into a deeper, more meaningful conversation. That kind of messaging can leave a lasting impression.

Using our lovely, new Bohemian Textured as an example, here are 4 colorful (and easy) ways you can boost the message on any casebound journal:

BJT-880The blind deboss, texture, and rich blue hue stand on their own to make a strong impact.
Shown above: BJT-880 (5 x 8.5)

BJT-880CVA full-color adhesive graphic is the perfect vehicle for a nuanced statement.
Shown above: BJT-880CV (5 x 8.5)


A full-color tip-in works beautifully for large images and pages with a lot of information or content.

Shown above: BJT-880FC (5 x 8.5)

step4 Variable Data Printing allows for easy, custom personalizations on any full-color add-on’s.
Shown above: BJT-880FC (5 x 8.5) with Variable Data Printing

BJT-880GWFull-Color GraphicWraps have a more retail quality and feel more like a gift than a giveaway.
Shown above: BJT-880GW (5 x 8.5)

Visit the Casebound section on our website to browse our full collection of casebound journals, all of which can be boosted with full-color!

24-hour SureShip® is not available on casebound journals with full-color add-on’s.