The Eco Echo

Working Towards a Brighter Future with Eco Journals

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Film-version of Albus Dumbledore had a point. While it may seem like there is no upside to a situation, you can always find something if you look hard enough. In our current state, everyone staying inside means the environment is thriving!

Los Angeles Smog Before and After Quarantine

As human activity decreases, so does the carbon footprint we leave behind. With people at home and off the roads, dozens of countries have experienced up to a 40% drop in carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, resulting in improved air quality and reduced risk of disease. There has also been a decrease in seismic activity, as well as noise pollution, specifically in large cities and industrial areas. While this dramatic drop is temporary and certainly does not solve the world’s environmental issues, it is eye-opening to physically see the difference with and without human movement. This is a great time to consider how we can work together to keep levels from rising all the way back up and make our planet a cleaner place to live as we get back into our normal routines.

Purchasing eco-friendly products is one small way to help keep the momentum going. JournalBooks has selected a group of eco-friendly journals to be part of PCNA’s EcoSmart® initiative. PCNA has partnered with 1% For The Planet, donating one percent of EcoSmart® sales to environmental non-profits. Purchasing these items is a double contribution to a better world.

Top: EcoColorPop (ECP-58FC) in Turquoise w/ Deboss & Work From Home Insert
Bottom: Ambassador Journal (AMB-58FC) in Natural w/ Foil Imprint & Work From Home Insert

We have customized a few of our EcoSmart® options to feature in our EcoSmart® Kit, including the Eco ColorPop and Natural Ambassador CaseBound Journals. Both of these journals are made with natural hard covers, primed and ready for an imprint of your choosing. We also have completely custom journals made right here in Charlotte, North Carolina! All of our Perfect and WireBound Eco Journals come in a variety of colors and materials. Be sure to check out our new materials – Concrete, Kraft and Wrought Iron, available for any Eco PerfectBook. Add boosts to any of our Eco options, including our Work From Home Insert!

Top: Eco SeminarPad (ECO-800C) in Natural w/ Deboss Imprint and Work From Home Insert
Bottom: Perfect Eco NotePad (PEC–700EB) in Wrought Iron w/ Deboss Imprint
and Work From Home Insert

The following items are included in the EcoSmart® program:

We’re excited to do our part to help our planet flourish and look forward to helping your clients do the same! Reach out to the JB team today to learn more about our eco options!

Mindfulness Matters

Using Journals to Reduce Stress and Gain Perspective

The recent changes in society have been an adjustment, affecting daily life in unimaginable ways. For most people, this has been a stressful time of twists and turns, where routines are interrupted with many aspects of life coming to a halt.

During times like these, it is more important than ever to pay attention to personal well-being. While this may look different from person-to-person, there are a few actions that have been proven to help reduce stress and promote a positive outlook. Journaling just so happens to be one of them!

We understand that physical distancing is critical in preventing further spreading of COVID-19, but it can also feel lonely and isolating. Journaling is a great way to release these feelings and thoughts.

TravelerNotes Notepad Tripac (TNP-728TP) with Foil Imprint and Graphic Wrap
Top (L-R) – Classic Covers Green, Natural and Yellow w/ Gold Satin Foil
Bottom (L-R) – Curious Skin Covers Orange, Magenta, Lemon-Lime w/ Holographic Foil

Our Well-Being TravelerNotes Notepad Tripac is a great gift for employees or customers to send the message that a company cares. This set of three books includes one for each topic: mindfulness, gratitude and goals. Combining these wellness practices refocuses the mind by gaining perspective on the current situation and focusing on the future. This set can be customized in a variety of colors to suit any mood. We have shown them in muted tones for calming, as well as bold colors for inducing excitement. They come bundled in a GraphicWrap that can display your client’s personal branding and message.

Social Distancing CreativeSpark (PCS-830)

A great way for people to take their minds off the stressors of the world and find a way to check out – and maybe even laugh a little – is with our Social Distancing CreativeSpark. This product is perfect for any age! We’ve created coloring pages and activities to spark joy with tongue-in-cheek images and phrases about everything from washing our hands to introverts thriving in this environment. It helps us take a step back and find the upside of being isolated.

Vienna Journal (VA-57) w/ Loose Gratitude Insert

Full-Color Inserts are an easy way to customize our products. They can be added to any of our products, including the Vienna Journal that we’ve shown here. These inserts can include any information or message your client would like to pass along. We have created new stock options with content aimed at assisting people while they’re distancing. Along with our Work From Home Insert, we created an insert for gratitude journaling, featuring a list of prompts to get the user heading in the right direction for encouraging thoughts and mindfulness.

Vienna Journal (VA-57FC) w/ Loose Things To Do Insert

Additionally, we recognize the importance of how kids must be feeling amid everything. They are also in a confusing situation with new schooling environments and less social interaction. Staying busy and productive will help them keep them occupied while also keeping their minds off the immense changes they’ve had to make – not to mention keeping them from yelling ‘I’m bored!’ every 5 minutes. Our Things To Do Insert was designed to be hung up and referenced whenever a kid has seemingly run out of ideas.

We hope you share these ideas with your clients and reach out to the JB Sales Team if you need further ideas on spreading some joy and mindfulness during this time!

Reach Out and Touch Base

Maintaining Customer Relations from Afar

Just as we at JournalBooks want you to know we’re still here for you, your customers feel the same way about their own audience! In such times of uncertainty, sending a reminder that their company is still available – or will be back in operation soon – is a great way to reassure any audience that a brighter future is ahead! With everything changing so rapidly, journals can be a useful tool to not only build a relationship with clients or employees, but also give space for peace of mind.

Journaling reduces stress and serves as an emotional escape from the weight of real world. Gifting someone a journal gives them the opportunity to write their thoughts and feelings about trying situations, commonly leading to processing, understanding and moving forward in a positive way.

Top: WindowFlex NotePad in Tangerine Shimmer w/ Blue No. 5 Foil Imprint & Ribbon Bookmark / Bottom: WindowPad NotePad in ColorFleck Ink w/ Green No. 6 Foil Imprint, PenPort, Elastic Closure and Athen Pen

Any of our journals would be great for this purpose, but we have focused on our custom NotePads for demonstration. Available in either perfect- or wire-bound, our NotePads come in a wide variety of colors with numerous boost options. The examples shown here are the WindowFlex NotePad, which includes a ribbon bookmark, and the WindowPad NotePad, which features a PenPort, Athen pen and elastic closure. Both include a fun image as an insert and convey a positive message.

Clearview NotePad w/ PenPort (NP-700CV) w/ 2-Color Screen Print on Front Cover, w/ SmartPicx® Boost on insert and Cougar Pen

A great way to build a relationship to your client’s audience is through our SmartPicx® boost. Adding SmartPicx® to any of our full-color covers, inserts or graphic wraps gives quick access to a web link of your client’s choice. A great way to utilize this to keep customers informed and connected is by linking to a page with company status updates or a video message from the CEO or President.

Connecting to an audience now could make all the difference for your customer in the future. Be sure to share these ideas and reach out to your JB Sales Rep to get your project started!

Back to the Classics: WindowPad

It all comes back to the basics. Serve customers the best-tasting food at a good value in a clean, comfortable restaurant, and they’ll keep coming back.
— Dave Thomas

We got to thinking — maybe it’s time to dust off our favorite core products and give them the spotlight they deserve! Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love coming up with fresh, new journals for you and your clients (and we won’t be slowing down anytime soon…). But we can’t forget the versatility of our core products! They show off our dynamic range of custom capabilities, and offer something really special for your customer.

Today, we’ll highlight the Original WindowPad, one of our best-selling core product series. They’re the perfect solution for a dramatic reveal of custom full-color artwork behind the cover, and can seriously impress!


The Original WindowPad

A standard WindowPad includes:

  • (1) stock shape die-cut window (includes rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, and some miscellaneous shapes; contact us for available options) on front cover
  • (1) full-color, 1-sided insert, showing through the window
  • 100 sheets of lined, graph, or blank filler
  • Choose from any material in Cover Series 1 for covers
  • Available in wire-bound or perfect-bound


What if a basic shape doesn’t tell the whole story?

Your customer’s message may be a little more complex than a basic shape can offer. For times like this, upgrade to a unique, custom shape die-cut window. Check out the examples above to see what’s possible!

We can customize your window to suit almost any logo or shape, but be sure to send us your ideas first. Some restrictions apply, because die-cutting can be a delicate process!

Production Tip: Rounded shapes and angles work best for custom shapes.

Our team can help you decide what will work best, and our sales team can create a custom quote, based on the complexity of the shape.

As always, feel free to contact us for more information, or leave a comment below!

The Power of Full Color

A little splash of color goes a long way in telling a good story. To kick off 2016, we’re going to highlight some of our best and brightest full-color solutions for your next promotion. Keep reading for more…


A new way to imprint: ColorDirect

Now you can print your full-color logo or artwork directly on the cover material of your choice. Smooth Shimmers and ColorFleck, heavy duty Alloy, even Hoop and Touchdown materials, can be printed on. Available on wire-bound, perfect-bound, and casebound books.



Full-Color Collection

Sometimes, full-color is the only way to showcase the breadth of your company’s message. Luckily, we’ve got a huge assortment of Full-Color products that make a statement. Here are some of our most popular products (shown above from left to right):




Color Accessories

Add a full-color insert or GraphicWrap to transform your message into something truly memorable! Color accessories can strengthen your message, and gives you the freedom to express it however you need to. Take a look at some of our most impactful options:

Color Inserts and Tip-In Pages

Incorporate more detailed company information, advertise an event, or just add a burst of color for more impact. Color inserts can be added to any wire-bound, perfect-bound, or casebound book!



GraphicWraps give your journal a gift-like, retail quality. It’s an easy way to add visual interest right off the bat! Already have a belly band to work with?  We can also attach a supplied belly band to your final book.


NEW! Full-Color PageSaver Bookmark

Never lose your place (or places!) with full-color PageSaver tabs! A sheet of custom-printed PageSavers will be inserted into your book, so you can place them wherever you want.


Sellutions | Flex PerfectBooks

Flex PerfectBooks come in a variety of cover options and allow for easy customization. We even have 12 ValueLine PerfectBooks that are available for 24-hour SureShip® service!


When customers purchase vacation timeshares with this upscale hotel, they receive a
TechnoMetallic PerfectBook with a “Perks” card inside the business card sleeve. Custom-printed filler provides ample writing space for jotting down memories while on their travels.pnp-7ltn The high-end covers and satin ribbon bookmark make the finished book a truly valuable keepsake.

Customization Tip
Add folders and pockets for convenient storage, organization, or even an additional gift.

Product Shown
5 x 7 TechnoMetallic Flex PerfectBook

Shown with: Flexible Lt. Blue TechnoMetallic Cover w/Die-Cut Window and Blind Deboss w/Bleed

psp-8fcFood & Beverage

Looking for an impressive gift for guests at the grand opening of a new distillery, this company settled on an ImageFlex PerfectBook. They were able to design a stunning journal and add inserts printed with cocktail recipes, while staying within their budget and ordering a relatively low quantity.

Customization Tip
Full-color inserts are a fast and easy addition that allows you to tell your story.

Product Shown
5.5 x 8.5 ImageFlex PerfectBook

Shown with: Full-Color Outside Cover


Running short on time, a digital marketing firm decided to supply a notebook for an upcoming conference. Wanting to showcase the conference’s full-color artwork, the pvc-150ValueColor was the perfect solution. They were able to print the entire outside cover with their eye-catching design and have the books shipped out the next business day for fast delivery.

Customization Tip
Consider printing several different versions in one order. You get the benefit of quantity discounts and can be prepared for several events or projects.

Product Shown
7 x 10 ValueColor PerfectBook

Shown with: Full-Color Outside Cover

Sellutions | Employee Gifts

With Administrative Professionals’ Day (April 22) on the horizon, we thought it would be a great time to showcase a few gift ideas to make your employees feel extra appreciated!

Employee Handbook

A pharmaceutical company provided a Binder to their employees that features an employee
DB-800handbook and ruled filler. In the back, a vinyl pocket held full-color tabbed inserts that
answered FAQ’s and provided important educational info and guides.

Customization Tip
Tabbed inserts are a great way to provide important info for quick reference

Product Shown
5.5 x 8.5 DeluxeBinder

Shown with: Ink ColorFleck Covers with Two 2 Satin Silver Foil Imprints

Welcome Package

New employees at this engineering firm received a Pedova BrightWave Journal and a digital tablet with their welcome package. The journal features a full-color, fold-out SmartPicx inserti2 with information about the company, its mission statement, and corporate values.

Customization Tip
Add SmartPicx to your inserts for interactive print- to-web scanning on a smart phone or tablet

Product Shown
7 x 10 Pedova BrightWave

Shown with: Lime Pedova BrightWave with Blind Deboss

Employee Gift Set

During the holidays, an architecture group provides gift sets to employees, which includes a high-quality WoodGrain NoteBook for office use, as well as a small Sketch LifestyleJotter that employees can keep with them for inspiration-on-the-go.NB-10WG & PLH-300SK

Customization Tip
Customize calendars with important dates, advertisements, and messages

Product Shown
7 x 10 WoodGrain Medium NoteBook & 5 x 3.5 LifestyleJotter (Sketch theme)

Shown with: Walnut Wood Paperboard Cover with Copper,Satin Gold, and Black Foils; Flexible Natural Paper Covers with Copper, Black, and Tint Foils