EcoBooks: Heavy on the Payoff, Easy on the Conscience

“Spring has sprung;

The grass has ris’;

I wonder where the flowers is.

-Not an ancient proverb (it’s a quote from my Grandma.)

April is rapidly approaching, which means celebrating Earth Month! Why not celebrate with our Eco-friendly products?

As a FSC® Certified company, we try to make our carbon footprint more of a carbon tip-toe. We take great pride in making our products as environmentally friendly as possible by using vegetable-based inks, recycled scrap metal for our wire binding, and recycled cover materials. To add a cherry on top of that sustainability dream, all of our filler is responsibly sourced, and we also offer 100% recycled EcoFiller as an upgrade. I’m not saying we’re heroes, but I do believe Captain Planet would be impressed.

To make going Eco-Friendly even easier, we offer our Eco Line, made strictly from recycled materials.

Our EcoTuc journal is a great option, with a unique ‘wrap-and-tuck’ design that keeps your notes protected. Opt for our Natural or EcoBlack cover, or switch it up and do a Natural front cover with an EcoBlack wrapped back!

Our EcoBooks offer a more traditional design, with 4 size options and 3 material covers. EcoBooks components are comprised of post-consumer 100% recycled materials for earth-friendly note-taking!

Enjoy the convenience of our classic wire-bound journals with a guilt-free conscience with EcoBooks.

Doubling-down on our sustainability efforts is the EcoWrap. Offered in two sizes, these bad boys are not only made of recycled materials, but are also refillable.

Once your client has their journal settled, don’t forget about a pen! Our EcoPen and MiniEcoPens are made with recycled plastic and paper. They write beautifully and are a favorite amongst our JB Team!

The Eco Pen, a quality retractable pen made with recycled paper, and plastic with a flat wooden pocket clip. Black ink.

As with all of our products, our Eco Line can be upgraded with imprints, custom filler, tip-ins, and more. Customization is still key, even when we’re trying to save the world! 


Behind the Scenes: What’s a Sample?

What’s in a Sample?

Samples: not only are they conducive to having the best day at CostCo; they’re also crucial for offering your customers the best options at JournalBooks! You wouldn’t buy a puppy without petting it right? So let’s get these books in your customers’ hands so they can feel that JB Quality!

Meet our newest member of the Samples Dept., Sam!

Whether your client knows exactly what they’re looking for, or has no idea at all, a sample can help seal the deal for you. We know we offer a lot of options, so the JB Sales Team is happy to help guide you in a general direction based on your customers’ needs. From there, all you have to do is email the Sample Department at (Don’t forget the S’!) and tell them:

  • what to send (item code, size, color… include as much or as little detail as you want)
  • where to send it (shipping address)
  • what shipping account you’d like it on (FedEx or UPS only, please)
  • when you need it by (We don’t want to miss your client’s big meeting!)

If you have further questions about the samples being sent, do not fear! The Sample Department is happy to help get what you’re looking for.

Our SwatchBooks and FoilBoxes are also available to help you
navigate all the JournalBooks has to offer.

One thing to note is that all of our samples come from overruns of previous projects. What does this mean to you?

  1. If a specific product hasn’t been ordered in a while, or it’s a hot item and flying off the shelves, the Sample Department may not have the EXACT combination you’re looking for in stock. To rectify this, they will send the closest item available along with references to show the features it’s lacking. This may include swatches, another book in the size you’re looking for, a separate folder or tip-in, etc.
  2. All samples have random imprints, as we do not send blank samples. Why is this? It keeps our samples free of charge! (with the exception of shipping charges) In addition to keeping cost down for YOU, it also keeps our inventory of blank books available for your customers to order away! 
Our Samples, sitting pretty, waiting to be requested by you!

Our Sample Department takes requests Monday-Friday until 4 pm EST. Anything sent after 4 pm will be sent the next business day. Tracking information is emailed at the end of each business day.

New Year, New Journal

Happy 2019, Everyone!

There’s something about the New Year that fills the air with excitement and hope. As we reflect on the past year, we’re also looking forward to how we can really push ourselves to take things to the next level in the upcoming one. In just a matter of a day, everything becomes so sparkly and fresh.

What does that mean for us here at JournalBooks? Sparkly and fresh new products, of course! (As if we didn’t already make decisions hard enough with our endless options.) Our first featured new item of the year is the Luster Collection. One look at these babies will have you feeling that New Year’s champagne all over again!

While speaking with our Vice President, Jamie Raynor, about how and why she decided on which items to add to our collection, she said she chose this material simply because it is so beautiful. We truly do not have anything like it. The Luster Collection comes in three colors: Gold, Rose, and Silver. The shimmer on this Perfect Bound/Flex material is absolutely mesmerizing.

Whereas a lot of glimmer materials have a graininess and/or glitter fall out, this material is smooth and will not have you looking like you had a run-in with a unicorn at a Lisa Frank convention. It is available for all of our PerfectBound book options and looks especially stunning with debossing or foil. We also have our Luster Foils in the same tones, which are more of a soft, satin finish than glitter and add a touch of elegance for your clients’ needs.

For pricing and additional product information please email For samples of this product and more email

Customization isn’t scary…it’s simple!

We did it! We made it through the Halloween season and survived (arguably) the toughest dilemma of the year: what costume to choose? There’s nothing quite like the struggle of deciding how much you’re ready to invest in your Halloween look.  Once an idea forms, it’s easy to envision the most elaborate, creative version that will win every costume contest, thus ensuring your rightful position as Belle/Beau of theHalloween Ball, but is it feasible?

Here at JournalBooks, we take Halloween VERY seriously, as evidenced by the results of our annual costume contest. While some people take a year to plan every minute detail, others find themselves in a major time crunch. Regardless of how simple or complicated the process may be, having the right costume is crucial. This year’s contest had some brutal competition.We saw everything from witches and wizards to our third place winner, Freddie, as Michael Jackson. Some of the staff teamed up, coming as the ladies of the hit 90’s film, ‘Clueless’ and the cast of ‘Cinderella.’ Jewel really had her bases covered, showing up as Dionne then transforming into Polynesian Sauce as part of a group Chick-fil-A costume. Way to double-dip! Alas, not everyone can win, so we put it to a vote and Maricela Gonzalez’s commitment won her old lady costume the grand prize.

In the same way as we are dedicated to our favorite Halloween tradition, we are even more dedicated to understanding the importance of your business expressing its unique brand in the form of custom journals! Whether you’re the type to cut some holes in a sheet and call yourself Casper, or cover yourself in white paint and soot-covered rags to create the ultimate ghoul, we’ve got you covered. If you have a bit more time and a more flexible budget, we can work with you to create your dream book. Something like a custom poly color match journal (with some reversed art) and additional accessories would be quite the treat!  All we need from you is a bit of information.

To take your book from drab to fab, we simply start by asking what your basic needs are. We want to do the most with what we have to work with, so this is vital information in order to take the next step in creating your masterpiece.

  • What is your timeframe?
    • Do you need a proof? Can we swing a SureShip item?!
  • When will you need the product in-hands?
    • We have partially-made items and made-to-order items; what works depends on timing!
    • To where in the world are these shipping?
  • How many units will you need?
  • What is your budget?

With these few questions answered, we are now able to determine whether you’d be handing out Smarties or King-Sized Snicker bars, so to speak. The next step into creating the perfect book for your brand will be determining any art restrictions.

  • Can we modify the art?
    • When given creative liberties we have creative artists who can work with your art. 
  • Is specific color-matching required?

A book without purpose is just…a book. What is the purpose of your book? Knowing what your book will be used for, whether it’s general note-taking, planning an event, a work book for a seminar, or even a monthly calendar will help us recommend customizations that will boost your book to the next level. We’re JB connoisseurs, so let us guide you to what works best for you.

Goal: Make an impression! Be bold: build it. If you have the time, let’s make your brand stand out with features that aren’t included in competitor’s items that are pulled off shelves. Die-cut windows, textured or high-end covers, multiple methods of decoration, different binding styles, and custom printed filler or insert are all available!

If you don’t have the time, everyone loves a simple debossing on leather-like material, but kick it up a notch with oversized debossing or a full color artwork.  If you’re looking for a traditional journal, with a simple design that you can get for that impromptu meeting next week, we’re on it! An Ambassador, Bohemian, or Nova will do the trick! Throw a business card holder in there so you’re networking ready! Be ready to grow!

Don’t run around with “book.” It is your brand, not a brand. Let the creative season fuel you, and make the message matter!