The Eco Echo

Working Towards a Brighter Future with Eco Journals

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Film-version of Albus Dumbledore had a point. While it may seem like there is no upside to a situation, you can always find something if you look hard enough. In our current state, everyone staying inside means the environment is thriving!

Los Angeles Smog Before and After Quarantine

As human activity decreases, so does the carbon footprint we leave behind. With people at home and off the roads, dozens of countries have experienced up to a 40% drop in carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, resulting in improved air quality and reduced risk of disease. There has also been a decrease in seismic activity, as well as noise pollution, specifically in large cities and industrial areas. While this dramatic drop is temporary and certainly does not solve the world’s environmental issues, it is eye-opening to physically see the difference with and without human movement. This is a great time to consider how we can work together to keep levels from rising all the way back up and make our planet a cleaner place to live as we get back into our normal routines.

Purchasing eco-friendly products is one small way to help keep the momentum going. JournalBooks has selected a group of eco-friendly journals to be part of PCNA’s EcoSmart® initiative. PCNA has partnered with 1% For The Planet, donating one percent of EcoSmart® sales to environmental non-profits. Purchasing these items is a double contribution to a better world.

Top: EcoColorPop (ECP-58FC) in Turquoise w/ Deboss & Work From Home Insert
Bottom: Ambassador Journal (AMB-58FC) in Natural w/ Foil Imprint & Work From Home Insert

We have customized a few of our EcoSmart® options to feature in our EcoSmart® Kit, including the Eco ColorPop and Natural Ambassador CaseBound Journals. Both of these journals are made with natural hard covers, primed and ready for an imprint of your choosing. We also have completely custom journals made right here in Charlotte, North Carolina! All of our Perfect and WireBound Eco Journals come in a variety of colors and materials. Be sure to check out our new materials – Concrete, Kraft and Wrought Iron, available for any Eco PerfectBook. Add boosts to any of our Eco options, including our Work From Home Insert!

Top: Eco SeminarPad (ECO-800C) in Natural w/ Deboss Imprint and Work From Home Insert
Bottom: Perfect Eco NotePad (PEC–700EB) in Wrought Iron w/ Deboss Imprint
and Work From Home Insert

The following items are included in the EcoSmart® program:

We’re excited to do our part to help our planet flourish and look forward to helping your clients do the same! Reach out to the JB team today to learn more about our eco options!

Conversations with Tim O’Boyle: Reflecting on 30 Years

This year we’re celebrating Tim O’Boyle’s 30th anniversary at JournalBooks! Since Tim started in July of 1989, he’s had various roles in the company including: General Manager, Vice President of Sales and, most recently, became President in 2012. We asked him a few questions about how he got started at JournalBooks and where we are today.

What is your proudest JB moment?
I have had so many proud moments over the years while working at JournalBooks and PCNA.  What I am the proudest of is how many lives are touched and enriched by the organization. We now have created over 170 jobs here in Charlotte and PCNA employs over 2,000 across North America. I am proud of all of our employees for their dedication, care for the customer, and care for one another.

What is your favorite JB memory?
One of my fondest childhood memories was attending the PPAI show in Dallas, TX with my father. I was fascinated by all of the hoopla and showmanship! For a 12-year-old boy, it almost seemed like show business. It’s hard to put into words, but it was a different era. I had the opportunity to meet and have my picture taken with Randy White, the legendary Dallas Cowboy. I couldn’t wait to get home to show all of my friends my bag full of buttons, whistles and wooden nickels!      

What is your favorite thing about the promotional products industry?
What I truly love about the industry is the entrepreneurial spirit, collaboration, and camaraderie among both suppliers and distributors. I have so many wonderful friends and mentors in the industry that have enriched my life and helped me grow and succeed. I am always amazed by what a mystery this business can be to outsiders. There are so many incredible people behind the scenes that help make these products and brands come to life.

How did you get your start in the Industry? 
After graduating from college, I planned to pursue a career in sales, but thought I would temporarily get a job bartending. My dad wasn’t too keen on that idea and convinced me to come work for him in sales. My brothers had other plans and introduced me to the shipping department. Four years later, I earned my stripes and began my career in sales. I still know our UPS number by heart!    

I love the fact that JournalBooks continues to thrive and grow, and in 2021 we will celebrate 50 years in business. I never forget the sacrifices my family and many of our employees made while the business was in its early years. The fact that I can help continue the legacy my father and brothers built means the world to me.